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Agenda and minutes

Venue: St George's Methodist Church

Contact: Kristina Davey 

No. Item



Come and talk to:


§         Cllr Richard Cregan

§         Cllr Roger Pierce

§         Liz Levett, Neighbourhood Management Unit

§         Clair Bailey-Lane, Street Environment Officer

§         The Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team




§         Police feedback on the new priorities identified by residents

§         Preliminary consultation on the vision for Hull Road Park with Clair Suddaby


This was an opportunity for residents of the ward to meet with their local Councillors; Street Environment Officer, Angus Young;  Sgt. Andy Duffield from the Neighbourhood Policing Team; Clair Suddaby from Parks and Open Spaces; Penny Goff and Mike Proctor from NHS Foundation Trust,  and Liz Levett and Oliver Collins from the Neighbourhood Management Unit.


Welcome and Minutes


The minutes of the last meeting were approved


York NHS Foundation Trust

Find out more about the Trust’s first year, and how you can become a member.


Mike Proctor (Deputy Executive) from York NHS Foundation Trust discussed the progress of the NHS Foundation Trust in its first 18 months. Membership application forms were distributed on seats.

  • The nature of the Trust was outlined, with emphasis on its membership led structure.
  • Numerous advantages to Trust membership claimed:  Amount of engagement can vary according to participant’s needs/schedule; half the board of directors is elected by the public; membership allows members better chance of holding Trust to account and increases democratic value of Trust.
  • There are currently over 18,000 members, but more are needed. This is an important issue for the community. Everyone at some point will be involved in the work of the hospital and York Trust, either as a member or as a patient
  • Trust objectives:
  1. Improving patient safety and experience.
  2. Aiming to reach top ranks nationwide by improving performance
  3. Provide enough capacity to meet demand
  4. To be the provider of choice.  Make doctors and patients want to choose York for healthcare
  5. Attracting a better workforce by ‘looking after them.’
  6. Develop a strategic vision for clinical services. Provide as many as possible.
  7. Development of existing site. Improvements are necessary.
  8. Improve communication, consultation and public engagement.
  • Specific priorities:

1.      Increase bed numbers.  Demand increased 20%

2.      Improved staffing. The quality of nursing provided is very important

3.      Improve safety. Matintain status one of the top hospitals in the country for infection control

4.      Reduce waiting times.  Over the last ten years they have come down significantly. GP referral to first treatment now 18 weeks.

  • Specific service developments: diabetic retinal screening; a new centre for Lucentis to treat wet macular degenerative disorder, vascular services to serve a wide area.
  • Serving the community: Listening, Accountability, Increasing membership, Partnership working – reducing the boundaries between service providers.

Call for comments and questions.

-There is a long running concern regarding parking for visitors.

o        Agreed, this is a valid concern.  Planning underway for multi-storey car park.  Contractor identified.  Credit crunch has had a big impact.  But aim is to double current availability/250 new spaces.

- But there is only so much space for expansion

o       Yes, but this is a significant increase.  Hopefully more than adequate. Staff want spaces, but the planning permission is for the public.


- What is in it for me to become a member?

o       the hospital touches everyone.  At least by becoming a member, you can gain a fuller understanding of what goes on.  The NHS is an important part of the community. People should be encouraged to take part and influence a major employer that touches everyone.


 - Question regarding form. What are ‘Patients.’

o       People from other areas can join if they have been a patient of the hospital but are not a local residents.


-  Where can I obtain a full list of board members?

o       Will be in next newsletter, is also available in newsletter at meeting


 - Can you clarify the population catchments size/area? 6,000 Accident and Emergency admissions. Are we an accident  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Have Your Say

Your opportunity to discuss concerns on local issues within the ward.


Cllr Pierce outlined information regarding the installation of Bollards on Tuke Avenue. Money is available to tackle four other blackspots. Council is changing attitude to allow people to take more of their own action – have a say in what does and does not happen.


Call for questions/comments.


- Is there an A-Z service directory?

o       This has been recently released. We can get one to you. 

o       This information is also on the website.

o       Think part of the cost comes from advertising. The exchange is actually quite good.


- Tang Hall salt box. Could we have a new one?

o       There are 3 salt boxes planned.  Currently 2.

- There are other locations also. One in front of school is full of rubbish. 


- The police have done a good job with the latest crack down on Hull Road.  If cyclists are following the correct rules, then they get fair treatment

o       Unfortunately, this work was carried out before the students came back.  Foreign students also sometimes don’t know the rules. Some think it is legal and preferable to cycle on footpaths.

- It is ok if they are children.

o       The new Police Commander should really make a ruling stating that kids are fine until they reach secondary school.

- At Badger Hill Primary there was a cycling proficiency scheme which was cancelled because not enough students were interested.  These should be made mandatory.


- Tang Hall Lane crossing.  There are large trees around here which block out the lights when leafy.  So in Summer this crossing is particularly dangerous.

o       A proper redesign of crossings is necessary.  The lights aren’t as effective as they should be.  In Cardiff there were versions with LEDs which were much more effective. Tang Hall Lane shops is a problem.

- Zebra crossing outside Somerfield.  It is very difficult to see, meaning that vehicles here are dangerous.  Poor signs and lighting.

o       This is a very busy area.

- Was a contribution made by Somerfield?

o       Don’t think so.  This crossing seems to be in the wrong place.  The wall is deceptive.  Will pass this on to Highways Agency.


Planning Panel Elections

We will be holding an election for the 2009/10 Hull Road Planning Panel.


John Cossham (Chair/Acting Clerk) outlined the role of the Planning Panel.

  • Meet every three weeks at Tang Hall Community Centre. 
  • Look into such issues as home extensions, tree pruning, etc. Also sometimes deal with outside-ward issues - university expansion being a notable example.
  • Meet for around one hour. There is also a small budget for ‘extras’ (pub, curry) as a perk of the job.
  • A need for more people from Tang Hall to sit on the panel. Carolyn Suckling and Stephen Morley willing to continue.

Call for new members. Those interested:

  • Vicky Gladders
  • Johan Turkenburg
  • Terry Stagnell


  • This is a chance to have an impact on future issues and coming proposals. 

- What influence does the panel have?

o       It is consulted by the Council and is taken seriously.  Can ask questions and draw attention to specifics with their local knowledge.

o       Those with a vested interest usually leave the room when those issues are brought up.


Action: Call for vote on new members. Residents can agree or disagree.


Result: New Members confirmed


Local Improvement Scheme Decisions

An opportunity for you to tell us what you think before the final decisions on how to spend the 2009/10 budget is made at this meeting.


2008/09 Budget


  • RP: Funding for street lighting. 3 schemes proposed, but expenses are high.  Lighting will go up in Chaucer Street and Temple/Lang Avenue.  Scheme on Thief Lane cancelled since the need wasn’t sufficient to warrant funding.

- Where on Thief Lane?

  • Hull Road end.

- This is a bad area though.

  • If there is enough interest then the issue could be looked into again.


  • Grant to Sustrans ranger. Questionable whether or not this is value for money.  Sum should be set aside for maintenance not Sustrans.


No Underspend


2009/10 Budget


o       A need to reduce bids to budget.  Also needed to remove schemes with a net opposition – more no votes than yes votes. Some general scheme adjustment was also necessary.

o       HU-09-04: Fund to tag 50 cycles withdrawn in favour of better locks. Money can be set aside for the time being.


o       HU-09-05: ‘Community ranger’  was put in in error. HU-09-05 actually refers to Sustrans it was labelled correctly on the ballot paper.  No real need to go for it since PCSOs satisfy need, and their operational hours have been extended..

- Over £4000 seems excessive.

o       Cycle track very useful.  As long as it does what it is supposed to do (i.e. keeps area useable, no broken glass, etc.), then  I don’t really mind who gets the money.

- Quality of maintenance has dropped significantly in last year. A man with a broom and bag not really sufficient.

- Can amount be reduced?

o       Seems to be that feeling of the meeting is to look into alternative schemes. Will look for more qualified info and then take it from there.


o       HU-09-12: Have improved disabled access to area, making it much more useable. Just £1500 of £26,000, also enables easier access for prams, etc.


o       HU-09-09: Kids seem to enjoy schemes and they do a good job

- There seems to be an unequal proportion of money allocated for sports facilities and for anti-social youths.

o       Active York only put in a bid for that amount.  Also, £3500 for taking kids who would other wise be hang around on the streets, perhaps causing mischief,  is actually quite good value for money.

- Could we alter the proportions allocated? Put it to vote?

o       We will leave the schemes in. These are just provisional.  We should not rule things out. The amount of funding can be amended in the future.

o       Perhaps we could invite Playspace to do a presentation at the next committee meeting.

- Do children pay to use scheme?

  • No, it is free. The funding is to meet the cost of workers.  Kids are better off here than ‘on the street’ causing trouble.
  • It seems that there is a general endorsement of schemes except for HU-09-05/09. We will try to get Playspace and Sustrans to talk at the next ward committee meeting


The following schemes were approved:


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