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York NHS Foundation Trust

Find out more about the Trust’s first year, and how you can become a member.


Mike Proctor (Deputy Executive) from York NHS Foundation Trust discussed the progress of the NHS Foundation Trust in its first 18 months. Membership application forms were distributed on seats.

  • The nature of the Trust was outlined, with emphasis on its membership led structure.
  • Numerous advantages to Trust membership claimed:  Amount of engagement can vary according to participant’s needs/schedule; half the board of directors is elected by the public; membership allows members better chance of holding Trust to account and increases democratic value of Trust.
  • There are currently over 18,000 members, but more are needed. This is an important issue for the community. Everyone at some point will be involved in the work of the hospital and York Trust, either as a member or as a patient
  • Trust objectives:
  1. Improving patient safety and experience.
  2. Aiming to reach top ranks nationwide by improving performance
  3. Provide enough capacity to meet demand
  4. To be the provider of choice.  Make doctors and patients want to choose York for healthcare
  5. Attracting a better workforce by ‘looking after them.’
  6. Develop a strategic vision for clinical services. Provide as many as possible.
  7. Development of existing site. Improvements are necessary.
  8. Improve communication, consultation and public engagement.
  • Specific priorities:

1.      Increase bed numbers.  Demand increased 20%

2.      Improved staffing. The quality of nursing provided is very important

3.      Improve safety. Matintain status one of the top hospitals in the country for infection control

4.      Reduce waiting times.  Over the last ten years they have come down significantly. GP referral to first treatment now 18 weeks.

  • Specific service developments: diabetic retinal screening; a new centre for Lucentis to treat wet macular degenerative disorder, vascular services to serve a wide area.
  • Serving the community: Listening, Accountability, Increasing membership, Partnership working – reducing the boundaries between service providers.

Call for comments and questions.

-There is a long running concern regarding parking for visitors.

o        Agreed, this is a valid concern.  Planning underway for multi-storey car park.  Contractor identified.  Credit crunch has had a big impact.  But aim is to double current availability/250 new spaces.

- But there is only so much space for expansion

o       Yes, but this is a significant increase.  Hopefully more than adequate. Staff want spaces, but the planning permission is for the public.


- What is in it for me to become a member?

o       the hospital touches everyone.  At least by becoming a member, you can gain a fuller understanding of what goes on.  The NHS is an important part of the community. People should be encouraged to take part and influence a major employer that touches everyone.


 - Question regarding form. What are ‘Patients.’

o       People from other areas can join if they have been a patient of the hospital but are not a local residents.


-  Where can I obtain a full list of board members?

o       Will be in next newsletter, is also available in newsletter at meeting


 - Can you clarify the population catchments size/area? 6,000 Accident and Emergency admissions. Are we an accident prone area?

MP: The population grows by about 3-4000 a year. More should go to GPs rather than A&E. The view is that A&E is simply quicker.

- How does this compare with elsewhere?

o       Favourably.  Deal with about 2-300 people a day.


- I was a patient at A&E and was disappointed by the service. I needed my blood pressure taking and there wasn’t enough equipment to go around

o       That is not acceptable. No excuses for failing on the basics like this.  Only small amount of money really.


- How much influence do members realistically have? The NHS is a multimillion pound institution.

o       It is difficult to quantify.  The amount of influence is determined by the role and style of managers. There is definitely an influence but it varies

- I don’t feel this is realistic.

o       Why not try it and see? Governors appoint chairmen. There is a powerful statutory role to be fulfilled.  The chairman needs re-election. Members have made a big difference. People and the press take notice.

- Is everyone in York and the surrounding area going to get a form?

o       We are trying to promote the issue as widely as possible. Worth considering whether or not they could be included in the next round of Your Ward.


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