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Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) Procurement Holdings Limited


In 2014 following detailed discussions between Strategic Officers, Legal Officers and Members, consensus was reached over the need for YPO to establish a Limited Company. The Limited Company enables YPO to trade with bodies not currently included in the provisions of the Local Authorities (Goods & Services) Act 1970.


The thirteen Founder Members of YPO agreed to establish an independent limited company (YPO Procurement Holdings Ltd) and to become equal shareholders in this entity. YPO Procurement Holdings Ltd is a holding company, with the provision to establish separate trading subsidiaries for specific future business opportunities. Each member is required to appoint a Director of YPO Procurement Holdings Ltd, with the Managing Director of the YPO Joint Committee fulfilling the role of Company Secretary. Nominated Directors should either be serving elected members or permanently employed officers of each authority.




Contact information

Ellie Gerrard
Senior Business Services Officer

41 Industrial Park

Website: http://www.ypo.co.uk/

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