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Information about Health and Wellbeing Board

The overall purpose of the Board is to bring together key partners from the NHS, Public health and Local Government, including Healthwatch as the patient’s voice to jointly plan how best to meet local health and care needs.


The Board’s three principal statutory duties are:


·        To assess the needs of the local population through a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).

·        To set out how these needs will be addressed through a Joint Local Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JLHWBS) that offers a strategic framework in which Integrated Care Boards, Local NHS Place Boards, Local Authorities and NHS England can make their commissioning decisions.

·        To promote greater integration and partnership, including joint commissioning, integrated provision and pooled budgets.


The Board will:


·        Agree the strategic health and wellbeing priorities for the city, as a board and with the Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership, respecting the fact this group covers a wider geographic area.

·        Make a positive difference, improving outcomes for all our communities and those who use our services.

·        Lead on the production of a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy and a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment.


The Board will not:


·        Manage work programmes or oversee specific pieces of work.

·        Focus on the delivery of specific health and wellbeingservices.

·        Scrutinise the detailed performance of services.

·        Take responsibility for the outputs and outcomes of specific services.

·        Be the main vehicle for the patient voice  as this is the responsibility of Healthwatch.


The Board’s Terms of Reference can be found here:



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