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Agenda and minutes

Venue: St George's Methodist Church, Osbaldwick Lane

Contact: Kristina Davey 

No. Item



You will have an opportunity to talk to :


  • Cllr Richard Cregan
  • Cllr Roger Pierce
  • Angus Young, Street Environment Officer
  • The Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team
  • A representative from the Neighbourhood Management Team


PLUS:  Find out more about LINks, the NHS Foundation Trust and the York Young Peoples Plan


Residents were able to:

·        Raise issues directly with Cllrs Roger Pierce and Richard Cregan.

·        Report street environment concerns to Ben Hyde.

·        Discuss any community safety issues of concern with Sgt Andy Duffield and give views on policing priorities for the ward.

·        Find out more about the Children & Young People’s Plan consultation.

·        Find out more about Local Information Networks set up in York to address health and social care issues.

·        Raise any issues with Kristina Davey.


Welcome and Minutes


Cllr Pierce welcomed everyone to the meeting and the minutes of the July meeting were agreed.


Immobilise Campaign

Find out more about how to protect your property.


Sgt Rick Ball outlined to residents how the Immobilise campaign works and what it is designed to achieve. The Immobilise campaign is a property registering scheme whereby residents can register themselves on the Immobilise website and proceed to register any property with a serial number on the site. This enable the Police to crosscheck any suspected stolen property, that has a serial number, with the website and enables them to make quick arrests in the event of an item of property being identified.


Residents without access to the internet can also register their property by using the information provided on the Immobilise flyer, PCSOs can register residents and their property at people’s homes and the Community Watch office will also take details. The information is passed on to Sgt Ball who carries out bulk registrations on the website.


The information on the website is only used in the event of property being lost or stolen and the site is password protected so residents making use of the site will not receive any unwanted emails. Residents can update their information by using their password to access the site. Information can be deleted or added.


There are plans for North Yorkshire Police to upload any serial numbers from the site with crime numbers, on to a national database that all police authorities will have access to, in the event that property has been stolen. This means that thieves are more likely to be caught and residents are more likely to reclaim their property should it be stolen.


Parking Issues


Russ Broadbent attended the meeting to clarify to residents how parking enforcement responsibilities fall between City of York Council and North Yorkshire Police. In October 2000, City of York Council took up the powers of the 1991 Road Traffic Act that allowed council’s the option of taking over responsibility for most parking offences with the exception of obstruction and dangerous parking which remains the responsibility of North Yorkshire Police.


Parking Services are responsible for council car parks, double yellow lines, single yellow lines, loading restrictions (double and single kerb markings), resident parking bays, on street Pay and Display, parking in specific marked bays (eg. taxi ranks and bus stops), parking on school entrance markings, parking on pedestrian crossings (this can be enforced by CYC or the Police). The Police are responsible for parking causing an obstruction, eg. on the pavement or verge, and dangerous parking


Parking Services manage the council’s Enforcement Team of 24 Civil Enforcement Officers (parking attendants). The officers work a shift system working between 7.45am and 9pm every day. On average there are around 8 officers on duty at any one time during these hours.


Heslington East Development


Chris Newsome gave a general outline of the stage that the Heslington East development has reached. Last year the Secretary of State granted outline planning permission for the development to go ahead providing that certain conditions are met. Since then the University of York have been working on developing a detailed planning application to be submitted to the council’s planning department. As the site is large and the development is complex, detailed planning applications are being submitted for buildings, roads, car parks and landscaping on an individual basis. Planning permission has recently been granted to build a 600 bed campus at the Goodricke College end of the site and earth moving work has recently begun.


Chris has been working with residents, residents’ associations, parish councils and local community groups to develop the Heslington East Community Forum which meets regularly to discuss the planning applications. As a result, the forum has been able to influence several changes in applications that have benefited the local community.


Support was also expressed for a local, public meeting for residents of Badger Hill so that they can voice their concerns about the feared additional traffic and car parking that could be generated by the Heslington East development. The proposed meeting should also provide an opportunity for residents to find out from council traffic staff the alternative options the council may be able to initiate and what the consequences of these options would be for local residents.


Local Improvement Scheme


This was an opportunity for residents and community groups that had grant applications and local improvement schemes suggestions included on the ward committee local improvement schemes ballot list to give more information about their schemes and for residents to ask questions about them prior to casting their votes.


ACTION: Invite Jo Gilliland to discuss HR-08-07 (Install fitness trails in the ward) if supported for funding.


Have Your Say


ACTION: Include voting results in the next edition of Your Ward or at the next Ward Committee meeting.


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