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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Derwent Junior School, Osbaldwick Lane

Contact: Jennifer Stanley 

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7.00pm-7.30pm Surgery

A opportunity to talk to:


  • Local Ward Councillors
  • Angus Young, Street Environment Officer
  • Jennifer Stanley, Neighbourhood Management Officer
  • The Hull Road Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team


Plus:  Find out more about Older Citizens Advocacy York




Councillor Pierce introduced the meeting and approved the minutes of the last meeting. There were no questions regarding the minutes.


Community Safety

Police Update and introducing the new Safer Neighbourhoods Inspector.  Find out more about police issues in the area and ask any questions. 


1.Sergeant Andy Duffield gave an update of crime in the ward.


  • Crime generally is down by 21% compared to last year.
  • Operation Dawn, a multi-agency week of action went well and seems to have been effective. Cycling on the pavement was targeted during this week at the request of residents.
  • The Safer Neighbourhoods Team plan to organise a young people’s event in August at Burnholme School. There will be a BBQ and sports activities.
  • The Police have recently launched an ‘Immobilise’ campaign. Residents can register  their property with the Police to make it easier to identify if it is stolen.


2. A residents commented that other residents may not be reporting crime because they are worried about having a Police car parked outside their houses.

Q. Can plain cars be used?


A. The Safer Neighbourhoods Team do not currently have plain cars. However, they would not visit if the resident does not want them to or they could meet in another place.


PR is currently exploring the idea of being able to report crime by e-mail or text message.


3. A residents thanked the Police for tackling cycling on the pavement as it gives cyclists a bad name.

Q. Is it illegal for cars to stop in the cyclist box at traffic lights?

A. No this is not an offence although cars should not do this. Motorbikes can stop in this space.


Street Environment Update

Meet Angus Young, your Street Environment Officer, and find out what he has been doing in the ward. 


1.Angus Young, Street Environment Officer, gave a PowerPoint presentation outlining his role and responsibilities.


Examples of how the 2007/2008 York Pride Budget was spent in the ward include:

  • Planting tree in Hull Road Park
  • Work on verges
  • Repairs to street furniture
  • Graffiti removal, which has been a problem in the ward


Angus is currently looking for ideas for York Pride spending in 2008/2009 and welcomes resident suggestions.


2. Q. There was a bench on Hull Road that was moved due to road works but has now disappeared. Can it be replaced?

Action: AY to look into. The bench was not replaced due to reports of anti-social behaviour centring on the bench. The possibility of  an alternative location is being looked at.


3. Q. Where does the money from fixed penalty fines go?

A.     It all goes back into central funds that is used for anti litter campaigns.


4. Q. Are supermarkets responsible for shopping trolleys that are discarded?

A. Yes they are.  



Environmental Protection

Find out more about noise, light and other kinds of pollution and what can be done about it.


1. Craig Delorenzo, Environmental Protection Officer, gave a PowerPoint presentation outlining the role of the Environmental Protection Unit.


2. PR commented that there has been a problem with cable theft along the cycle track at the back of 5th Avenue. It was requested that residents report any cable fires they see.


3. Q. What can you burn in a smoke control zone?

A. You can buy certified smokeless wood to burn on fires and stoves.


Hull Road Planning panel update

John Cossham from Hull Road Planning Panel will give a presentation on the work carried out by the local Planning Panel.  Find out who they are and what they do.


1. John Cossham, Planning Panel Clerk (acting), explained that Hull Road Planning Panel is made up of a group of resident volunteers interested in local planning issues. They meet up every three weeks to look through all the planning applications for the area and comment on each one. All comments go to the Councils planning department and will be taken into account when considering planning permission.


2. Since being elected on to the panel in February members have enjoyed being on the panel. The Panel thanked Jamie L'Mahony, who will be moving away from York, for his work on the panel.


3. New members were invited onto the panel. There were no volunteers.


4.Q. Why do the panel look through planning applications?

A. To see if developments would fit in with the area or if they would be bad for the area. There is a balance between the need for housing and protecting the local area.


Have your say

Opportunity to raise local issues and concerns with the local Ward Councillors.


1. Q. There have been stories in the media about waste collections changing to 3 or 4 weekly. Will this happen in York?

A. No plans for this are known of.


2. It was suggested that the ward committee could fund extra recycling collections.




Have your say on the ward budget

A chance to let local Ward Councillors know how you would like them to spend the Ward Committee budget in 2009/2010.  Suggestions are welcome from everyone who lives in the ward, including children and young people. 


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