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Proposed venue: St George's Methodist Church, Millfield Lane

No. Item

7:00-7:30pm Ward Surgery




Councillor Pierce introduced the meeting and the agenda.


Student Housing


i. Councillor Pierce introduced the item and explained that students now make up 15% of the population in Hull Road.


ii. Martin Glazier, Development Control Area Team Leader, explained his work and development regulations which are determined by central government. He answered three main questions set out by the chair.


1. Is planning permission required for the use of a former 'family' dwelling house as a student residence?

A. If a house occupied by students is organised in such a way as to indicate that it is in multiple occupation then planning permission is required as a material change of use has occurred. However, if students are living in a house on a communal basis and share costs and facilities then planning permission may not be needed.


2. Is planning permission required for all extensions and alterations to student houses?

A. This is the same as any non- student house.


3. When planning permission is required, what aspects can the council take into account in reaching a decision? What can't the council consider?

A. Issues such as parking are looked at. If a development does not have parking space then residents will not be able to get parking permits.


Q. What are the restrictions on the number of occupants in a student house?

A. Generally no more than six occupants are allowed without planning permission but if they are classed as a family or living communally then more  than six residents may be allowed.


Q. Does the landlord have to declare the number of occupants in a student house?

A. No.


iii. Anne-Marie Canning, President of the York University Students Union introduced their Silent Students Happy Homes campaign. This campaign aims to promote neighborliness and encourage students to be considerate to local residents. There is a hotline set up at the university which residents can call if they are experiencing any problems with students.


Student Action are a group of students who do voluntary work in the community including in Hull Road Ward.


iv. Grace Fletcher-Hall, Academic and Welfare Officer of the York University Students Union gave a student perspective on student housing. She explained that she cannot represent all students because they are all different.


Many students choose to stay in York and thus contribute to the City's economy and future.


v. A residents reported that he had telephoned the university about noisy student neighbours and the problem was solved.


Q. A big problem is the state of gardens in student houses. Who is responsible for the upkeep of gardens?

A. This depends on the landlord. Often it is not specified in letting agreements.


Action: Dr Jane Grenvilleand the Student Union to look into what can be done about the state of gardens and feed back to the ward committee.


Q. Are student cars a problem?

A. Less than 50% of students have cars and this is decreasing as the cost of being a student rises. Only a small number of students have parking permits at the university  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


Roads, footways and verges


i. Councillor Pierce explained that this agenda item has been included

In response to the questions raised at previous ward meetings.


ii. Paul Thackray, Head of Highway Infrastructure, presented this item in the stead of Robin Sweetman. Paul explained his Directorate's responsibilities for the condition of public highways, verges and footpaths. He explained how work is prioritized and how the highways budget is spent.


Q. Several roads in the ward were dug and resurfaced two years ago but have deteriorated greatly since.

A. This is known about. The reason is that a new material was used that has proven to be unsuitable for some roads and is now used with caution.


Q. Flooding caused by poor drainage on Archbishop Holgate's playing field  is still a problem as is flooding at 139-129 Hull Road. What is being done?

A. JS explained that this has been looked into by a Street Environment Officer and the issue has now been passed on to Kevin Hall, Assistant Director of Education.


Q. There is a problem of people parking on pavements so that wheelchairs cannot use the pavement.

A. If an obstruction is being caused then the Police can enforce laws regarding obstruction.


2008/2009 Local Improvement Scheme Budget


i. Jennifer Stanley, Neighbourhood Management Officer, explained the ward committee budget process and drew people attention to the ballot papers.


ii. Residents and groups who have applied for schemes that appear on the ballot paper where invited to support their scheme. The following schemes were supported:


Urbie Bus

York Rotters

St Nicholas Fields

Street Support York

CAB benefit take-up campaign


iii. It was agreed by both Councillors to allocate unspent money from the Ward Budget 2007/08 to further improvements to Hull Road Park. This included new signs, designs of which were on display and residents comments were invited.


iv. A residents commented that Hull Road Park felt unsafe because of the tall hedges.

Action: RP to pass to Park and Open Spaces.


Have Your Say


i. The minuets of the last meeting have been approved by Councillors.


ii. A resident has asked for a bus shelter to be installed on Pinelands Way but has been told that residents of the street do not want this. This may be in Osbaldwick Ward.

Action: JS to pass on to relevant department.


iii. The bus shelter on Osbaldwick Lane has been vandalised. Can a different material  be used when it is rebuilt?

Action: JS to pass to relevant department.


iv. In Stone Bow bus shelter, new signs have been erected but people still all queue in the same area.

Action: RP to look into.


v. A resident enquired about the recent press reports of Tang Hall being one of the most deprived areas in England.

Action: JS to find out if there are any plans for regeneration work in York.


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