Agenda and minutes

Venue: Joseph Rowntrees School, Haxby Road

Contact: Claire Taylor 

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7pm Drop In Surgery

The opportunity to talk to your ward councillors, parish councillors, street environment officer, Safer Neighbourhood Team, youth workers, neighbourhood management officer and visitors informally.




Come along for a guided tour of the new Joseph Rowntrees School and its facilities.


1.1          Residents spoke to Councillors Runciman, Hyman and Orrell, Don Crawford (New Earswick Parish Councillor), Claire Taylor (Neighbourhood Management Officer) Iain Dunn (Street Environment Officer), Sgt Jon Freer and PC Christopher Whitehead (Safer Neighbourhood Team), Amanda Stenson (Youth worker) and Chloe Schroeter (Energy Partnership advisor).

1.2          Residents had the opportunity to have a tour of the facilities in the new Joseph Rowntree’s School.


Main Meeting - 8pm - Welcome and Minutes

An update on any action points.


2.1    Cllr Carol Runciman welcomed residents to the meeting.

2.2    The minutes of the last meeting were agreed.


Chloe Schroeter was given the opportunity to talk about the Hotspots project, the following points were noted:


2.3    The Hotspots project is run by the Energy Partnership Ltd and helps vulnerable residents to achieve warmth, comfort and safety in their homes. 


2.4    Residents can receive energy efficiency advice which could lead to grant applications for free heating systems and insulation, free benefits checks to make sure they are receiving everything they are entitled to and free home fire safety checks to minimise risk of fire in the home.


2.5    For more information residents should contact Chloe at the Energy Partnership on (01904) 554490.


Safer Neighbourhood Team

An update from your ward police team and your chance to raise any concerns.


Cllr Keith Orrell gave apologies for Sgt Jon Freer and PC Christopher Whitehead who had been called away.  He made the following points:


3.1      Crime is very low in the ward with most of the incidents being related to thefts from Monks Cross. 

3.2      It is important that residents report any problems to the police; the more they know the more action we will see. 

3.3      The Safer Neighbourhood Team are concerned about cycle theft.  A lot of these are opportunity thefts from unsecured garages and sheds and due to bikes not being locked up.  Residents were encouraged to ensure that their bikes are secured to prevent them being a victim of crime.  


No questions were raised. 


Young People's Services

Amanda Stenson will be presenting a youth activities DVD called ‘Escape’.


Amanda Stenson introduced a DVD titled ‘Escape’ and made the following points:


4.1     The DVD shows a snap snot of a Young People’s Service project run over a week during last summer. 

4.2     Around 30 young people from all over the north of York were referred from various agencies to take part in the project.

4.3     They participated in many outdoor activities such as fishing, cycling and motor biking with the aim being to learn new skills, work together as a team and raising self esteem.

4.4     The project was successful and enjoyed by all. 


The following questions and comments were noted:


a)  How have you spent the funding given to you by New Earswick Community Association?

Response was given that this money has not been spent yet.


b)  How onerous is the risk assessment process for such a project?

Response was given that a thorough risk assessment is carried out but you do have to allow the young people a certain amount of risk, it’s a balance.


c)  This is a very worthwhile project.


Have Your Say

Your chance to ask questions about local issues and concerns.


No questions or comments were raised.


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