Agenda and minutes

Venue: Huntington Community Centre, 26 Strensall Road

No. Item


7pm Surgery

Your chance to meet:


  • Cllr Carol Runciman
  • Cllr Keith Hyman
  • Cllr Keith Orrell
  • Virginia Shaw, Neighbourhood Management Officer


Representatives from:

  • The Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team
  • Street Environment Services
  • Young People’s Service
  • Independent Complaints Advocacy Service


Residents had the opportunity to speak with:


§        Councillors Carol Runciman and Keith Hyman

§        Parish Councillors Don Crawford, Richard Revell, Clive Wooley and Carol Clayton

§        Iain Dunn, Street Environment Officer

§        Amanda Stenson, Young People’s Service

§        Inspector Alisdair Dey, Sgt John Freer, PC Lailah Nijaila and PCSO Frances Myers, Safer Neighbourhood Team

§        Paul Thackray, Head of Highway and Street Operations, City Strategy about the proposed Park and Ride scheme at Clifton Moor (B1363)

§        Holly Firth-Davies of the Independent Complaints Advocacy Service   

§        Ginnie Shaw and James Hunt, Neighbourhood Management Unit


7.30pm Main Meeting - Welcome and Minutes


2.1             Councillors welcomed everyone to the meeting

2.2             The minutes of the July ward committee meeting were approved and signed


Police Report: Police Priorities

Your opportunity to let your Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team know what the most important issues are in your ward.


3.1             Inspector Dey and Sgt Freer provided a report on police activities in the ward, including a 22.5% reduction in crime since April 2009.  There had been 51 fewer victims of auto crime and 100 fewer of crime.  

3.2             In setting their priorities, the police take into account a variety of consultation methods with residents, including the ward newsletter.  A lot of effort is expended tackling anti-social behaviour, which includes a wide range of misdemeanours.

3.3             Since the Stay Safe initiative in July/August and the involvement of the Youth Offending Team and parents, there have been no reports of under age alcohol drinking.

3.4             Anti-social behaviour, damage and theft would be the police priorities for the next 3 months.  Residents were encouraged to provide feedback about police priorities by using cards printed for that purpose as well as the current Your Ward newsletter.

3.5             The process for reporting incidents of speeding vehicles was described, including use of 95 Alive forms, which trigger an assessment, though incidences of accidents and their seriousness are prioritised.  One 95 Alive complaint form is sufficient to trigger a response.  Speeding is taken seriously, as is cycling with no lights.

3.6             They were pleased to report that PCSO Frances Myers is to become a PC and PC Laila Nijaila is to be a guest of honour at Huntington School.

3.7             Residents asked questions and made comments as follows:

Q: When will there be more PCSOs in the ward?

A: Two new PCSOs are to be recruited for Huntington and New Earswick ward, with more anticipated for January/February 2010.

Q: A resident raised the problem of anti-social behaviour she has experienced and her dissatisfaction with the police response.

A: Following some discussion, it was agreed to discuss this issue outside the meeting.

Q: How does the vehicle activated sign (VAS) work?

A: Sign put there in April 2007.  VAS does not record incidents of speeding.  The sign is under review.  New Lane is being looked at as a problem area and the city council is looking at other ways of calming traffic, not including speed bumps.

Q: Drinking of alcohol in the street can be a problem and broken bottles are left on the tennis court.  Is it possible to introduce bye-laws to prohibit drinking in particular areas?

A: Yes, it is possible

Q: Is speed monitored up Haxby Road into New Earswick?

A: Once had complaint, will be logged somewhere.  Need name to check where complaint up to.

Comment: speeding is worse since the hump was lowered near the bus stop because of the new homes

Q: What are the hours of policing and are they late at night because that is when anti-social behaviour tends to occur.

A: PCSOs work until 22.00 hrs and PCs and Sergeants work until midnight

Q: Do you know what proportion of cyclists are conforming to the law?

A: Do not know and will be able to report later      



Stonham Owner Occupier Service

Stonham provides free, housing related support to clients in their own accommodation.  Susan Daniel will give you more information about their service.          


41.             Sue Daniel from the City of York Council Owner Occupier Support Service provided by Stonham gave a PowerPoint presentation detailing the Service on offer in York.  It is tailored to clients’ needs and is being successful in preventing homelessness in the city.  Residents were referred to the contact details in the leaflet available at the meeting should they or anyone they knew wish to use the service.

42.             There were no questions.


Local Improvement Schemes

Have your say on how the ward budget for 2010/11 should be spent and learn more about some of the scheme proposals.


5.1             Introducing this item, Cllr Hyman commented that the ward councillors do not know at present how much there will be in the ward committee budget for 2010/11.  The total amount for all the potential local improvement schemes included in the Your Ward is far higher than the amount that will be available.  Residents were encouraged, if they had not already done so, to complete the form in the Your Ward newsletter so as many people as possible guide the decision making process.

5.2             Those present were invited to comment on the schemes as detailed in the October Your Ward and did so as follows:

Scheme ref 1: continue programme of improvement to street lighting.  A resident commented that the outcome of lighting improvements to The Old Village, where she lives, is brilliant compared with the poor lighting when she moved there.

Scheme ref 3: New Earswick and District Indoor Bowls Club grant application to purchase an additional “wheelchair friendly” table tennis table.  A member of the Club referred to facilities being available on Fridays to people with learning disabilities and physical impairments.  The table tennis table had been broken and they would like to purchase a new one suitable for disabled people.  

Scheme ref 4: grant application from Older Citizens Advocacy York for funding to support ongoing advocacy work in the ward.  Leaflets were available at the back of the meeting room

Scheme ref 5: grant application from Huntington Memorial Hall for financial assistance with funding the replacement of their gas heating boiler.  A representative of trustees expressed thanks for the £5k previously contributed by the ward committee towards the cost of replacing the roof and floor.  They had held a very successful Scarecrow Trail and a barn was planned.  Quotes for the central heating were being obtained.

Scheme ref 7: grant application from York and District Mind.  A volunteer spoke to the application citing 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems.  The aim is to reduce stigma and support volunteers.

Scheme ref 8: grant application from Huntington Community Centre for funding to continue modernisation.  A representative of trustees referred to the rolling programme of improvements carried out at the centre, funded by the ward committee and trustees.  They wish to remove the café ceiling and replace it and to attract even more customers to the café, takings from which contribute to the overall costs of running the centre.

Scheme ref 9: grant application from New Earswick Community Association to continue providing financial support for the gardening scheme.  The Chairman reported that the Association had managed to continue providing the service.  He also reported on Scheme ref 13 (Summer Scheme for 8 to 13 year olds) to the effect that the juniors are always full, though it is not so well used by the seniors.  They will continue to ask them what kind of activities they want provided.  With respect to Scheme ref 14 (the Junior Club), it is successful in keeping 8 to 11 year olds active  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Have Your Say

Your chance to ask questions about local issues and concerns.


6.1             Residents were encouraged to complete the evaluation forms.  As it was the first time this particular venue had been used, any comments on venues were particularly welcome.  The forms can be left in the box at the back of the meeting room.

6.2             The date of the next ward committee meeting is Tuesday 2 February 2010, venue to be confirmed.

6.3             The Chair closed the meeting by thanking everyone for coming.


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