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Agenda and minutes

Venue: New Earswick Folk Hall

No. Item


7.00pm Surgery

You will have an opportunity to talk to:


  • Cllr Keith Hyman
  • Cllr Keith Orrell
  • Cllr Carol Runciman
  • Iain Dunn, Street Environment Officer
  • The Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team
  • A representative from the Neighbourhood Management Unit


PLUS:  find out more about the NHS Foundation Trust and the York Young Peoples Plan.


Local residents had the opportunity to speak to Cllr Keith Hyman, Cllr Keith Orrell, Cllr Carol Runciman, Iain Dunn (Street Environment Officer) The Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team, Liz Levett (Neighbourhood Management Officer).


Residents had the opportunity to find out more about Without Walls - York’s Sustainable Community Strategy, the Young Peoples Plan and becoming a member of the NHS Foundation Trust.  


7.30pm Main Meeting

  • NHS Foundation Trust

York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will complete their 1st year as a Foundation Trust at the end of September.  Come along and learn more about the trust and ask any questions.


  • Police Priorities

Your chance to tell your Safer Neighbourhoods Team what the most important issues are in your ward.


  • Alleygating

Find out about proposals to place an Alleygate between Victoria Way and Geldof Road.


  • Local Improvement Schemes

Have your say on how the ward budget for your area should be spent and learn more about some of the scheme proposals. 


  • Have Your Say

Your opportunity for you to discuss local issues and concerns.


Welcome and Minutes


2.1  Cllr Keith Hyman welcomed residents to the meeting.

2.2  The minutes of the last meeting were approved. 


NHS Foundation Trust


Patrick Crowley (Chief Executive of the NHS Foundation Trust) spoke about what the Trust has been doing and where it hopes to go in the future and encouraged residents of the ward to become members.


The following points were raised:


3.1  The NHS Foundation Trust has just completed it’s first 18 months and is now looking to the public to give more guidance as to what the organisation should focus on in the future.

3.2  One of the main objectives of the Trust is to focus on the patient, including their safety and general experience when in hospital.

3.3  The Trust hopes to bring the hospital up to modern standards.

3.4  One of the main priorities highlighted by the NHS Foundation Trust is to increase bed numbers, which they hope to achieve by December.

3.5  Other priorities include making the hospital environment safe, improve staffing and reduce waiting times.

3.6  The main aim of the Trust is to improve communication with the public and engage with the community.

3.7  The NHS Trust is accountable to its membership.  Becoming a member of the trust gives people the chance to have their say on the future and priorities of the trust.


A local resident thanked the hospital for the open day held recently, stating that it was very interesting and it was a disappointment that not many people attended.   




A team from HSBC attended the meeting to talk to  local residents about their proposed plans for a new development at Monks Cross.


The following points were raised:


4.1  HSBC are hoping to build a new data centre which will process all the transactions that take place in the bank within the UK, Europe and USA. 

4.2  The building will be 24/7 and will bring approximately 100 jobs to the city.

4.3  Environmental studies have been carried out on the site, some protected species have been identified living on the site and this will be taken into account in the design of the building.  The impact on the area will be very low. 

4.4  Plans were available for residents to look at.


Residents had the following questions:


a)  What is the timescale?

Response was given that hopefully the planning application will be submitted in November ‘08.  If this is successful, an enhanced wildlife zone will be created before any building work commences.  This should be completed by July 09 and then the building work will start, lasting for 18-24 months.


b)  Do you have any more information about the job opportunities this will create?

Response was given that he jobs will be full time and the construction work will also create jobs.


c)  Can you give more information on how you intend to ensure a low carbon footprint?

Response was given that energy will only be accepted from renewable sources.  This is bank policy.


d)  Why have you chosen York?

Response was given that the bank has another data centre in the Yorkshire area.  A number of sites were considered within a 50km radius of that and this was considered the most suitable.


e)  Will the green/wildlife areas be open to the public?

Response was given that the green areas are to provide an enhanced environment for the wildlife and as such it won’t be encouraged for people to walk over them.  It may be possible to put up information boards and have guided walks. 


Police Priorities


PC Nijaila gave an update on crime and community safety issues in the ward.


The following points were noted:


5.1  Huntington and New Earswick ward had the 2nd highest reduction in crime across all the wards in the city this year.  Vehicle crime is down 42% and criminal damage is down 31%. 

5.2  Lead theft continues to be a problem nationwide.  Residents should report any suspicious behaviour.  The police are working closely with scrap dealers and checking their records.  

5.3  The police are starting drop in clinics in the ward which will hopefully be held monthly.  The next one is taking place on Tuesday 14th October. 

5.4  The police are looking into setting up Neighbourhood Watch schemes in the Birch Park/Victoria Way/Geldof Road area.

5.5  Residents were encouraged to register their property on Immobilise.  It is the ultimate in crime prevention.  It is a web based scheme and the police can help residents to register their property.

5.6  There was an increase in shed break-ins around this time last year.  Residents are encouraged to be diligent and report any suspicious behaviour.   

5.7  There has been low levels of anti-social behaviour over the summer months. 


Residents asked the following questions:


a)  How do we register for Immobilise if we are not online?

Response was given that the police will be able to register residents property onto the website.  Cllr Orrell advised that residents could also use the library facilities.


b)  Whose responsibility is it to enforce safe and responsible use of fireworks?

Response was given that the police and CYC Environment Protection Unit are jointly responsible for this.   All police are working until midnight over bonfire/mischief nights.




Ian Cunningham, Crime Analyst for Safer York Partnership advised residents he is the project manager for alleygating around the city. 


The following points were raised:


6.1  Alleygating involves putting up steel gates at each end of an alleyway and is used where anti-social behaviour is a problem.  The gates act as a deterrent, are most effective behind terraced houses and are very successful at reducing crime.  They are permanently locked and residents have keys. 

6.2 There are inconveniences attached to alleygating such as shutting down

public right of way and in some instances disrupting rubbish collection.

6.3 Trials are currently being carried out in other wards on a prototype electronic gate that has a conditional locking order and will be open at certain times of the day.

6.4 Residents should weigh up the benefits of gates in terms of crime reduction against the inconveniences of them.


Residents had the following questions:


a)  Who pays for them?

Response was that CYC do not budget for alleygates, the ward committee pay for them.  The cost of gates on a pedestrian alleyway is in the region of £600. 


Local Improvement Schemes


This was an opportunity for discussion about the local improvement schemes on the 09-10 ballot list.


7.1  Representatives gave more information about the following schemes:


HNE–09-04 – New Earswick Community Association ‘Sensory Garden’

HNE-09-05 – Hanging baskets at suitable locations around the ward   

HNE-09-07 – New Earswick Community Association for New Earswick Junior Club

HNE-09-08 – Resurfacing the basketball court in New Earswick

HNE-09-09 -  Yearsley Grove Groovy Club

HNE-09-10 – Street Sport York

HNE-09-12 – Global York

HNE-09-13– York Credit Union Partnership

HNE-09-14 – Huntington Memorial Hall


7.2  The following comments were made about the schemes:


HNE-09-07 – New Earswick Community Association are asking for £550 towards the New Earswick Junior Club, not £5250 as stated on the ballot list.

HNE-09-08 – A resident commented that the young people have been working very hard in the last 2 years which was very encouraging to see.  They deserve something nice in the area.  Simon Haddock (Street Sport) stated that this is a very worthwhile use of funds.

HNE-09-10 – Cllr Runciman informed residents that Street Sport York had recently put together a programme of activities at very short notice for the young people who were not at school due to the fire at York High.

HNE-09-12 – Global


7.3  Residents asked the following questions:


a)  During your tours do you encourage young people to come to your Sunday Church meetings?

Response was given that no, the two things are separate

b)  Do they share the same workers?

Response was given that yes, some of them are the same.           


Have Your Say


a)  How much is the ward committee budget for 2009-10.

Response was given that the budget has not been set yet but it is expected to be in the region of £38-39K.


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