Local democracy during coronavirus

During coronavirus, we've made some changes to how we're running council meetings. See our coronavirus updates for more information on meetings and decisions.

Agenda and minutes

Venue: Orchard Park Community Centre, Badger Paddock, Huntington

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Informal Surgery

A chance to talk to local Ward Councillors, the Street Environment Officer, the Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team and the local Neighbourhood Management Officer.


Local residents had the opportunity to talk to Councillors Runciman, Orrell and Hyman, their Street Environment Officer Iain Dunn, their Neighbourhood Management Officer Jennifer Stanley and their Safer Neighbourhood Team. 


The following information stalls and activities were available:


Cycle Tagging

Bring along your bike to have it security tagged. 


Allotments Association


New Earswick Parish Council


Bike Maintenance Workshop

Road Safety Officers will be there to give tips on maintaining bikes, cycling and road safety.


Mobile Police Office

A chance to meet local police officers


Urbie Bus

A mobile youth club for ages 11-19 providing activities, information, computer access, dvds, refreshments and a place to chill out.


Older Citizen Advocacy

Find out more about the organisation and what they do in the area.


Age Concern

Vi Butler will attend to tell you about services on offer to older people.


New Earswick children's centre

Find out more about the new centre and join in activities for parents, children and under 5’s


Recycling and Composting

Find out more


Have your say on the Ward Budget

Let local Councillors know how you would like them to spend the ward committee budget in 2009/2010.  Suggestions are welcome from everyone including children and young people.


Residents were invited to take part in a consultation aimed to find out which issues residents thought were most important in the ward. Residents voted for the following:


  • Speeding – 11 votes
  • Parking – 5 votes
  • Anti-social behaviour – 10 votes
  • Community safety – 6 votes
  • Environment – 9 votes
  • Recycling – 9 votes
  • Crime – 6 votes
  • Other – 2 votes


Young People were invited to let local Councillors know what activities and facilities they would like in the ward. The following suggestions were made:

  • Sports/ Activities  - 6 votes
  • Arts and crafts – 2 votes
  • Play areas/ park facilities – 4 votes
  • Other ideas
    • Golf
    • Fishing
    • Cricket
    • Street Sport
    • Astro turf
    • Football


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