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Agenda and minutes

Venue: New Earswick Folk Hall

No. Item


Ward Surgery

Come along for an opportunity to talk to:

  • Cllr. Carol Runciman
  • Cllr. Keith Hyman
  • Cllr. Keith Orrell
  • Iain Dunn, Street Environment Officer
  • Graeme Dawson, neighbourhood Management Officer
  • Your Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team
  • Local Development Framework representatives


Residents had an opportunity to speak to:


Ward Councillors –

Cllr. Carol Runciman

Cllr. Keith Orrell

Iain Dunn, Street Environment Officer

Mora Scaife, Acting Principal Neighbourhood Manger

PS John Freer and PC Lailah Najilla Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team

June Card, The River Foss Society

Bill Symons and Ken Pratt, The Foss Internal Drainage Board.

Representatives of Huntington & New Earswick Parish Councils.


The River Foss

The River Foss is an important feature of your ward.  This is your chance to find out more about the river, with representatives from the River Foss Society and Foss Internal Drainage Board.


The River Foss Society

June Card attended from the River Foss Society and gave a very engaging talk on the history of the society and the wildlife and environment of the Foss. The following points were noted.


§         The River Foss Society held its inaugural meeting in July 1973, 35 years on and 3 founding members are still members.

§         The natural history of the area is important to York

§         The developers of the Hungate site have agreed to improve the Foss Islands nature reserve (Heart of the city)


Further information was made available to the meeting along with membership forms. June was thanked for her attendance.


It was also suggested from the floor that a representative from the Environment Agency be invited along to a future ward committee meeting.



The Foss Internal Drainage Board

Bill Symons and Ken Pratt attended the meeting. Bill Symons gave an overview of the work of the Foss Internal Drainage Board and the following points were noted:


§         Funding from rates levied on farmers and local authority.

§         The Foss Bank Pumping Station is owned by environment agency.

§         The primary remit of the Foss Internal Drainage Board is the flow of water

§         Sewage problems should be reported to Yorkshire Water


A discussion took place about the impact of development on land drainage.


The following resident comment was noted:

§         A resident reported that every year they put in a request the river to be cleaned and the weeds and nettles to be cut back.

Response was given that environmentally there is a duty of care and during March to July now work can be undertaken that might disturb nesting birds.


John and Ken were thanked for their presentation and they stayed to talk individually to residents following the meeting.


Ward Budget Update

A report on projects funded by the ward committee in 2007/2008.  Find out how the money was spent!  This is also your chance to suggest projects for 2008/2009.


A verbal update was given on the ward budget including the following information:


Increased community safety

The ward committee has funded the Community Ranger Service to carry out evening patrols in ‘hot-spots’ throughout the ward.  We put aside some of the budget to provide improved street lighting to streets, for example in; Thornfield Drive, Linden Close, Malvern Close and South Down Road. Part of the budget for last financial year went to Age Concern to provide an outreach support worker.


A well-maintained ward

The ward committee gave a grant to the Trustees of Huntington Community Centre which was a contribution towards a programme of improvements to this well-used community facility. Huntington Parish Council were supported in their project to improve the drainage on the playing field at Orchard Park Community Centre. We gave a grant to New Earswick Community Association to support their gardening scheme and one to Huntington Parish Council for them to develop a gardening service for the elderly and disabled residents.


Increased opportunities for young people

A grant to York & District Sports Federation for their ‘funds for the gifted’ project has helped with the travel, equipment and training costs for young people in their chosen sport. We also supported the purchase of new equipment and running costs of the New Earswick Community Association for their Junior Club for 8 to 11 year olds as well as their Summer Scheme which ran throughout August.


Street Environment Update

Iain Dunn will give you an update on street environment issues and report on projects funded by York Pride.


Street Environemt Officer Iain Dunn gave a presentation on the work of the Street Environment Service in the ward. Iain then asked the meeting to report any local issues, the following points were noted:


§         The street sign at Riverside Crescent has disappeared and needs replacing

§         The covered bus stop serving  Hartrigg Oakes is often in need of repair.

§         It was reported that the bus stop opposite the vicarage on New Lane had been vandalised.

§         A request was made for more patrols to catch and fine pet owners who do not clean up after their pet.

§         Comment was made about the mess left behind after domestic waste collections.

§         Comment was made that the local cycle paths often had broken glass on them.

§         Comment was made that Hawthorn Terrace, the main road running through new Earswick was often mistakenly refered to as Haxby Road and did not appear correctly on some maps. It was noted that better signage may help.

§         A request was made for extension to the pavement on the northern side of Willow Bank.


Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Find out more about Police Priorities in your area and what will be going on during the April Action Week.


PS John Freer gave an update on crinme statistics and policing in the ward and the following points were noted:

§         It was reported that burglary is down 20% and criminal damage is down 30%. 

§         A multi-agency week of action would take place across the city from 21st April.  This would focus on tackling drug issues, litter, graffiti, and truancy from school

§         In the last three months 28 tickets had been issued to c yclists riding on the pavement and numerous others had been given verbal warnings



PS Freer invited resident comments and the following points were noted:


§         There have been incindences of criminal damage experienced on Stratford Way in that the electric and gas covers have been ripped off and then the power turned off.

§         Also in Stratford Way fences have been damaged and cars trampled on, all this has occurred in a 6 month period.

§         Noise nuisance and antisocial behaviour has been a problem and was attributed to young people coming back from the stadium at between 10 and 11 o’clock at night.


A discussion took place about the powers of the Police Community Support Officer and the fact that these were to be standardised across the country was noted.


Have your Say

Your opportunity to raise issues and concerns with your ward councillors.


There were no issues raised under this item.

It was noted that the next ward committee meeting will be held at Orchard Park Community centre on the 7th July.


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