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Draft minutes

Proposed venue: The Meeting Room, New Earswick Folk Hall

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Ward Surgery


There was an opportunity for residents to speak to their ward councillors, Neighbourhood Policing Team, Neighbourhood Management Officer and Street Environment Officer. In addition there were some displays from bidders for the 08/09 ward budget.


Neighbourhood Policing


PC Lailah Nijaila, PCSO Chris Turner and PCSO John Armstrong attended the meeting on behalf of the Neighbourhood Policing Team. All crime in the ward is down by 26%, and the target crime for the ward, auto-crime is down by 54% on the year to date. Auto-crime is defined as both theft of and theft from a motor vehicle.


Huntington & New Earswick ward includes the Monks Cross development. This impacts on crime figures due to shoplifting etc. The team have carried out plain clothes work, including targeting vehicle crime.


Operation Shadow targeting repeat and prolific offenders. After much effort a particularly welcome ASBO has been granted against one particularly concerning individual.


The team has undertaken crime prevention work in schools through the citizenship curriculum.




·                    A resident raised concerns about ongoing problems at Birch Park. The resident was considering leaving due to it.


PC Nijaila explained that Birch Park was one of her main priorities in the area. She had advised the installation of CCTV to Watson Properties, along with alleygating that could be installed under the ‘payback’ community service scheme.


·                    Do we still need Group Response?


PC Nijaila commented that of the service they provide, she was happy and that Group Response had the advantage of working every evening, which the Neighbourhood Policing Team do not.


·                    Could Group Response look into dangerous parking in the Ward?


Cllr. Keith Orrell to follow up.


·                    Do Group Response always have the same timed route?


No, although gate-locking duties are carried out within a certain time period.


·                    Are the CCTV cameras working in the area?


If there are concerns telephone IT4Vision to move camera.


·                    Concerns were raised regarding youths being on first name terms with police officers.


The Neighbourhood Policing Team feel that it fosters more mutual respect and find that they are better placed to work with young people.


·                    What steps have been taken to design out crime in the new houses at Birch Park?


The Police Architectural Liaison Officer has been involved. Target Hardening recommendations need to be put in place.


Fire & Rescue Review


North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service since 2004 has undertaken an Annual Integrated Risk Management Plan. This year, there is a review of the service provision in the City of York and a review of the Retained Duty System.


Currently there are three Fire Stations within the city: Clifford Street, Acomb, and Huntington.


Clifford Street is regarded as being old and no longer fit for purpose. There is poor access for the public to attend for presentations and there are no on-site training facilities for firefighters. Given that the nature of risks in York has changed, including fires, road traffic accidents, terrorism, chemical containment, etc. there is constant need to update skills. The Fire Service accept that there are many heritage buildings in York city centre to protect and that easy river access must be maintained due to the level of river rescues from the Ouse every week. However, the Service is changing to become a Protection, Prevention, and Intervention Service for the public. Therefore, the Fire Service believe that the best thing is to move the central Fire Station from the city centre to the Fulford area. The whole city should have an equally fast response time.


The Fire Authority will report in December on the plan.




·                    As regards communicating with members of the public, has video conferencing been considered?


Working in partnership with other agencies for joint provision for training for example, possible joint sessions at the new Hungate City of York Council building are being looked in to. As part of this, new technologies are also being appraised.


·                    How many appliances are there at Clifford Street?


Two fire engines, one turntable ladder, and one rescue boat. (check terms)


·                    How many call outs are there in York?


260 per year from Huntington; 1500 from Acomb; 2500 from Clifford Street.


·                    Are the Army barracks or the Police Station site possibilities for the Fire Service to locate to?


No; they have been investigated but the Police are looking to expand on that site and the Army barracks are not feasible.


2008/09 Schemes Discussion


·         Nicola Moorcroft, Clerk of Huntington Parish Council, spoke in favour of the Huntington Gardening Scheme (H&-08-08). Based on the successful New Earswick scheme, 3 part-time gardeners are employed and almost 40 residents have been helped this year.

·         Geoff Clarkson, a Trustee of  the New Earswick Sports and Social Club, spoke in favour of scheme H&-08-15. The Club had applied for Awards for All grants but had been rejected. There had been flooding in June ’07 and vertidraining and sanding are regarded as being necessary.

·         Rhoda Hull of New Earswick Community Association spoke in favour of H&-08-06 – the New Earswick Sensory Garden. At present there isn’t a park in New Earswick and therefore NECA wish to establish the garden. Work would be done by young and old members of the community.

·         Peter Vaughan of Huntington Parish Council thanked the Ward Committee for this year’s financing of works at Huntington Community Centre and supported H&-08-14 for further works to re-floor and network the Centre.

·         A resident spoke in favour of H&-08-05, the New Earswick Gardening Scheme.

·         Chris Hayley-Norris of York Citizens Advice Bureau, stated that advice changes lives and spoke in favour of H&-08-18. Many residents have issues with handling debt and not taking up benefit entitlement.

·         Simon Haddock, Street Sport York, spoke in favour of H&-08-09. Street Sport York have worked in the Ward for a number of years in partnership with the Youth Service. Regular sessions are undertaken at Orchard Park Community Centre, supplemented by schemes funded by the Ward Committee.


Have Your Say


Parking issues at the Old Village identified.


Plans are well underway to move the library in New Earswick . The Youth Service will make use of the old library premises.


The Healthy Walks scheme in York was highlighted including walks from New Earswick Folk Hall.


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