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Agenda and minutes

Venue: St Lawrence's Primary School, Heslington Road

Contact: Claire Taylor 

No. Item


Surgery 6.30pm - 7pm

An opportunity to speak to your ward councillors, council officers and other partners working in the Fishergate ward on an informal basis.


Prior to the start of the formal meeting, residents had the opportunity to speak to the Ward Councillors, Jackie Armitage, Claire Taylor and PCSOs Kathryn Bean and Jon Buchanan.  A representative from Libraries and was present to provide information on the proposal to transfer the libraries and archives service into a community benefit society.


The formal meeting began at 7.00pm.



Main Meeting - Welcome and Minutes of last meeting 7.00pm


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the councillors and officers present.


The minutes of the last formal ward committee meeting, held on 13th June 2012, were agreed as a true and accurate record and were signed by Councillors D’Agorne and Taylor.



Ward Team Updates

Updates from your local Safer Neighbourhood Team and Street Environment Service


3.1 Safer Neighbourhood Team

  • Fishergate continued to be a low crime ward with figures showing a crime rate reducing by 7.5% over the whole year (1st April 2012 to 31st March 2013).
  • Figures showed a reduction in crime so far this year (from 1st April 2013) of 30.8% from the previous time last year.
  • The Safer Neighbourhood Team noted that these percentages would change through the year, but it was hoped that they would continue to decline.
  • No specific issues were reported, though it was noted that cycle theft was on the rise again across the city. Residents were encouraged to report any suspicions to the police by phoning 101 (non-emergency number).
  • It was reported that an individual had been evicted from a house on Melbourne Street following a number of serious issues, and police noted that this was a positive outcome.
  • Wenlock Terrace Children’s Home is currently closed, as it is changing from council to private control. Police noted that there were likely to be differences seen as a result, though the home would retain the same management, who police had developed a good relationship with already.


Questions were invited from residents, and the following points were raised:

  • A resident noted an increase in activity around the Millennium Bridge and on the Ings as a result of the lighter evenings, with some youths starting bonfires. It was further noted that there was a lot of broken glass left around also, which was impacting particularly on dog-walking. The police advised that they would monitor the situation, noting that it was a hotspot for potential anti-social behaviour which they were already aware of. Residents were urged to report any incidents which raised concern, and police advised they would respond immediately and deal with any situation appropriately.
  • Councillor D’Agorne noted that there seemed to be an increase in graffiti along some parts of New Walk when the river was in flood. PCSOs agreed that this would be borne in mind during their patrols.


The Chair thanked the Safer Neighbourhood Team representatives for their report.


3.2 Street Environment Officer

Jackie Armitage gave a verbal report to residents, and the following points were noted:

  • The budget for gulley cleaning had been removed the previous year, and this had had a particular effect on smaller terraced streets with onstreet parking. Jackie advised that she was looking into the cost of undertaking this work from within the ward enhancement budget, in order to ensure all streets received the opportunity for a thorough deep clean. She asked residents to report any specific issues relating to this.
  • The issue of refuse bins/bags being left on streets continued to be a problem which was being monitored. Jackie noted that as the student residents tended to change year on year, there seemed to be uncertainty about collection days which led to refuse bins being left out continually.
  • With reference to graffiti along New Walk, it was reported that the Friends of New Walk undertook to monitor the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Fishergate Community Contract and ward priorities for 2013-14


Councillor D’Agorne took the opportunity to ask residents how they had heard about tonight’s meeting. The majority of residents noted they had found out about the date and time through the Greenlight newsletter, though a number had also read it in the ward supplement of the Your Voice publication.


It was noted that the new council website made it very hard to find out any information about the Communities and Equalities Team. Claire Taylor, Community Involvement Officer, noted that these comments would be passed on.


Residents noted that it would be helpful to publicise meetings on the noticeboards within the ward. Councillors agreed to look into whether this was possible, and noted that they would undertake to do this themselves if necessary.

Claire Taylor reported that in future, the meetings would be renamed Residents Forums.



Claire Taylor then gave an update to residents on the Fishergate Community Contract. She noted that a number of wards in the city were developing individual contracts, to provide both a directory of information about the ward (e.g. community groups and facilities and general information about the ward including statistics) and also to set out challenges in the ward,  priorities for 2013/14 and details of how these will be addressed. A survey of residents in autumn 2012, The 2012 Big York Survey, 2011 Census information and information from partners had informed the agreed priorities:

  • A Safer Community, working together
  • Reduce traffic congestion and increase road safety
  • Maintain and enhance the quality of the environment

Claire advised that the contract was a living document, which would continue to be updated and developed. Copies of the contract were available for residents to take away and read, and included contact details for residents to get in touch with any feedback, suggestions and information about the ward. 


Questions and comments were invited, and the following points were made:

  • Residents noted that the pledge to work towards increasing the safety around Fishergate gyratory had already begun. Councillor D’Agorne gave a brief update of the proposed works, and noted that funding for this was being provided in part by the Barbican.




Ward Committee funding

Hear more about how the 2012-13 funding was spent and the arrangements for spending the 2013-14 funding


Councillor D’Agorne gave a verbal update on 2012/13 ward funding as follows:

  • The total budget for 2012/13 had been £3260.
  • £800 had been awarded to the Melbourne Centre to provide health and fitness classes to Fishergate residents.
  • £700 had been given to YUMI to purchase a polytunnel for the Fulford Cross allotments.
  • £1000 had been awarded to the Friends of New Walk to commission and install a new noticeboard. It was noted that this had not yet been installed, though the funding had been received).
  • £250 had been allocated Broadway Area Good Neighbours and Residents’ Association (BAGNARA) to part-fund the re-surfacing and improvement of the pedestrian area by Broadway shops. Councillor D’Agorne noted that as this area was outside of the responsibility of the council, the residents’ association had undertaken the work of sourcing funding for the work themselves, and had secured agreement from the owners of the card shop and the post office, that they would pay for the improvements outside their own establishments.


Councillor D’Agorne then reported that the ward budget for 2013/14 was £3280, and outlined the criteria for applications as follows:

  • Citywide organisations are not eligible.
  • Any projects already involving council spending are not eligible.
  • The funding is only available to projects and initiatives from local groups within the ward, which are intended for the benefit of the residents and/or environment within the ward.
  • Councillors suggested groups applying for funding consider the priorities listed in the Community Contract.
  • As the funding is limited, councillors suggested a ceiling of £500 per group, though this could be subject to review, dependent on the project involved.
  • Anyone wishing to apply for funding was asked to complete and submit an application form by 1st July 2013.


Questions were invited from residents, and the following points were noted:

  • Residents asked about the process for requesting things like the installation of benches in the ward, which would not be eligible for ward funding, as they would come under the responsibility of council budget. Councillors noted there was no process for this, but asked residents to let them know of any concerns or identified needs, so that they could lobby the council where appropriate. Councillors emphasised the importance of having open communication with residents, so they could act on their behalf on important issues.
  • The issue of salt bins was discussed, as a resident of Kensal Rise noted that there were none available close to his street, which had proved problematic over the winter months. Councillors advised that a decision had been taken some years ago to remove salt bins due to budget cuts, but that the Ward had agreed to keep three in place, and fund these from the Ward budget. It was noted that there was no mechanism in place to request an additional salt bin, and there was no funding available to provide this.
  • Residents discussed the removal of the bin from the bus stop outside Iceland/Aldi on Fulford Road, noting that this had led to an  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Fishergate Planning Panel

An update on the work the panel has done over the past 12 months and re-selection of panel members for the next 12 months


There was no information to report from the Fishergate Planning Panel. Councillors asked residents to consider joining the panel, and noted that a new clerk was needed.


Councillors outlined the work undertaken by the panel in relation to planning applications in the Ward. The Clerk receives applications for the area and shares these with other members of the panel. It was noted that training on planning law is provided for all volunteer members. Following consideration of applications, the panel forms a decision as to whether any are objectionable, and the reasons for this. The Clerk then sends this information back to the planning officers, to be forwarded to the Planning Committee when they consider the applications.


It was noted that Ken Corcoran, although not present at the ward committee, had expressed an interest in being re-selected and this appointment was confirmed.  Residents are encouraged to contact Councillor D’Agorne (tel:  01904 633526), Councillor Taylor (tel: 07738 208741) or Claire Taylor in the Communities and Equalities team (tel: 01904 551832) if they wished to get involved.



Have Your Say

An opportunity for you discuss any issues in the ward with your ward councillors


An opportunity was given for residents to raise any issues or concerns they may have in respect of the ward. The following issues were raised:


·         A discussion took place about the parking issues in the terraced streets by the river, in particular with reference to Frances Street. A resident noted that visitors had noted it was increasingly difficult to find parking places on the street during the day due to commuters’ parking. Councillors advised that they had undertaken a consultation with residents, though apologised for missing Holly Terrace off the list of those canvassed, regarding the suggestion of introducing resident parking permits. The majority of residents in each street had responded against the introduction of parking permits. Parking was recognised to be a continuing issue, but as a result of the residents’ survey, there was no intention of introducing a parking permit scheme in these streets.
Councillor D’Agorne reported that he had met with TSYS to discuss their employees using the surrounding streets for parking. He advised they had been very open to looking for solutions to the problem, and had agreed to get involved with a Park and Cycle Scheme which was being launched that week.


  • Residents asked for an update on work undertaken by the council to cut down trees in the area. Councillors noted that little information was available about the council’s plans, but that they had attended a briefing about managing parks and open spaces across the city. Councillors noted that there was no admission that the felling of trees and cutting down of bushes was in response to the need to cut maintenance costs, but agreed that it was hard to see the logic in some of the removals which had taken place.


  • Residents asked if there was any update on the cycling strategy. Councillor D’Agorne reported that there had been a recent review of the whole cycling network, and that he had made some comments on a number of cycling paths which had been marked for removal. He further reported that as a result of this, they had been put back onto the list.


  • In response to a question about the monitoring of the 20 mph zone past St Georges and Fishergate schools, councillors noted that this was ongoing, and that attitudes were starting to change towards enforcement. Councillors further reported that 20mph zones were being rolled out across the city in all residential streets.


  • Residents raised the issue of potholes in the ward, in particular one outside Fishergate School which had been half filled in but still posed a risk to cyclists. Councillors noted that they were aware of this, and had reported the issue to the council.


  • A question was raised about the maintenance of the ward noticeboards. One resident noted concern that they were used as a commercial space, rather than for community-focussed, time-specific events. It was noted that two residents on Grange Garth regularly undertook to keep the noticeboards updated, and councillors expressed their thanks to these residents for this.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


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