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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Poppleton Road Memorial Hall

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During the surgery, residents had the opportunity to talk to Councillors Alexander, Bowgett and Crisp; Matthew Ward, Neighbourhood Management Officer; Andrew Williams, Street Environment Officer; PC John Bostwick from the Safer Neighbourhoods Team; Simon Haddock from City of York Council’s Play Team and Martin Grainger and Rebecca Harrison from the Council’s City Strategy team.


Welcome and Minutes


2.1 The Councillors welcomed everyone to the meeting

2.2 The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed


Safer Neighbourhoods Team

An update on the work of your Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team


PC John Bostwick from the Holgate Safer Neighbourhoods Team gave a short update on crime and related issues in the ward.


3.1 Crime statistics for the period 01 April – 30 June were given

3.2 There have been 40  cases of dwelling burglaries this year, down from 57 last year. However, figures increased during the some months last year, so the Safer Neighbourhood Team will be monitoring the situation.

3.3 There have been 44 cases of criminal damage, down from 75 last year

3.4 Anti-Social behaviour has risen to 123 reported incidents from 107 in 2008.

3.5 Statistics are showing that many of the reported anti-social behaviour incidents have occurred in the Lindsey Avenue area.

3.6 The Holgate team will work with the Acomb team to tackle this problem.

3.7 Residents may have noticed that mounted police have been active in the ward recently.

3.8 Details of the policing pledge were outlined. This is a national program to ensure that people know what standards of service they can expect from their local police team. Copies of the pledge are available on the North Yorskhire Police website


Residents asked the following questions:

Q. What is the ‘cleanup’ rate for these crimes

A. The response was given that overall trends indicate that crime is falling, but more specific data on cleanup/follow ups will be brought to the next meeting.

Q. Burglaries rose from this period last year. Is this because it is summer?

A. The response was given that this was likely to be true. Around 70% of incidents were from insecure properties. Operation Joypad is the team’s attempt to combat this issue.

Q. How do you define ‘emergency’ and non-emergency responses? Your definition may differ form mine.

A. The response was given that in general terms, emergency situations can be defined as incidents in progress or requiring immediate action, and non emergencies are those where an immediate response is less necessary. Ultimately this is down to the discretion of the individual however. There is no black and white definition.


North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Station Manager Colin Hunter will talk to you about fire safety and the services provided by the Fire and Rescue Service


Due to personal commitments, representatives from the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Team were unable to attend the meeting.


Poppleton Road Primary School

Debbie Glover, Head Teacher, gives her vision of the school’s future plans


Debbie Glover, Head Teacher of Poppleton Road Primary School introduced herself and outlined her vision for the school.


5.1 Last year, Ofstead praised the school. Much of this is down to the dedication of the school’s staff.

5.2 The ethos of the school should be to allow pupils to achieve their individual potential in a caring and nurturing environment.

5.3 The main priorities are reviewing the curriculum to enable this to happen and getting more involved in the local community, building strong communities.

5.4 Visitors from the community are welcome at the school

5.5 Poppleton Road Primary School has a strong history, and it is hope dthat it will also have a strong future.


Residents asked the following questions:

Q. Where do school leavers go?

A. The response was given that generally about half go to Milthorpe School and about half to The Manor School. There are exceptions to this however.  Good links between schools are made to make transition easier.


Councillor Alexander praised the work of the school



Find out about the funding available for improving Back Park


Simon Haddock from the Council’s Play Team introduced the Play Builder project.


6.1 City of York Council have been given £1.12M from the government for the development of 22 play areas across the city. The allocation of this funding has been overseen by a multi-agency steering group.

6.2.  The initiative is designed to Develop public, open access, outdoor play spaces close to where children live that are safe, exciting, stimulating and accessible to all and to Promote active, imaginative and adventurous play targeting predominately the 8 – 13 age range. 

6.3 The funding will be used to build new and upgraded play sites across the city. 

6.4 Allocation will be £47k in Year 1 and £53k in Year 2.

6.5 The grant comes with a stringent monitoring regime from the Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF), which is being undertaken, by the regional office of Play England.

6.6 Year one phase is to be completed by March 2010

6.7 Holgate Ward has three sites due for work.  In year one, Balfour Street/Back Park. In Year two, Garnett Terrace and Sowerby Road.

6.8 Residents wishing to find out more can vist www.yor-ok.org.uk/playbuilder, or email Simon Haddock at simon.haddock@york.gov.uk

6.9 The work in Back Park will hopefully be completed by March next year.


Councillor Alexander pointed out that Friends of Back Park had asked for a grant from Holgate Ward Committee of £150 to help with setting up and running costs, which has been approved by the committee.


Local Development Framework Consultation


Martin Grainger from City of York Council’s City Strategy team introduced the new Local Development Framework (LDF) consultation.  Copies of the consultation document were available at the ward committee meeting and in the July 2009 issue of Your Ward.


7.1 This is a consultation exercise to gauge what people see as the key issues in York. It is to help develop a new development plan for the York area. Trying to make the future happen.

7.2 The current status is to give the project direction. 

7.3 There are lots of issues to be taken into account relating to lots of different areas including housing, employment, transport. 

7.4 The document deals with principles that affect every one who lives and works in York. Residents are encouraged to read and respond to the leaflet. An attempt has been made to deal with the big issues. The response from this consultation process will be used to build a plan that reflects the needs of York residents.


Residents asked the following questions

Q. Is the LDF a new name for the Local Structure Plan?

A. The response was given that in places this is the case.  The LDF is more about the future however, and is intended to be more capable of achieving results.

Q. What is the cost of the project from start to finish? This seems like the same thing we have seen many times already.

A. The response was given that these figures were not know at the present time. It was stated however that the process forces the Council to consider the needs of the city and its residents. Planning ahead can make a big difference and improve people’s lives.

Q. Some big projects have stalled, like the ‘Teardrop site’. How do we know that this won’t happen here? It is difficult to have faith in anything being delivered when no project has been successfully delivered by the Council in recent years.

A. The response was given that the best way to deliver on things like the Teardrop site is to build an overall strategy.

Q. Housing developments (i.e. the Sugarbeet site) have been badly carried out.

A. The response given was that even negative views are welcome. The point is to listen to what people think.

Q. It tends to be only older residents who attend ward committee meetings. What are you doing to engage with younger people?

A. The response was given that plans have been made to consult in schools and colleges in order to listen to the views of young people

Q. Surely transport improvements are a vital consideration?

A. The response given was that the benefit of the plan was that it gives a chance to look at what the city needs, including transport issues.  This consultation will help create a blueprint that forces developers to take into account the needs of  city residents.  People need to respond in order for us to be able to reflect their views.

Q. When will this be completed?  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Have Your Say

Your opportunity to discuss local issues and concerns with your ward councillors


Residents were given the chance the raise any other comments or questions at the meeting.


8.1 Olive Hawxby of the Poppleton Road Memorial Hall Monday Club thanked the ward committee for the grant they have provided, adding that more people are always welcome at the club.

8.2 Paul Hepworth of the Holgate Windmill Preservation Society announced that work was expected to begin again soon on the windmill.  Sponsors for the shutters are welcome to get in touch through the group’s website at http://www.holgatewindmill.org/index.htm


Residents asked the following questions

Q. What are the proposals to update the public transport system in York?

A. The response was given that though there have been no more stoppages since the last ward committee meeting, cross-ticketing remains an issue.  The Council are trying to deal with this by applying for new powers which would help in the long run.

Q. What if areas are cut-off? Could the park and ride service be adapted?

A. The response was given that this problem has been looked into and considered. The ward committee are trying to arrange representatives from the bus companies to appear at the next ward committee meeting.

Q. Is there any petition to the Local Government Association to bring about more powers over local transport.

A. The response was given that if powers exist, the city should to be able to use them.   There seems to be growing support for action.

Q. Why is there no bus on Poppleton Road? We are hard done by in this part of the city.

A. The response was given that it was claimed there wasn’t enough money being made on the route, but that residents should attend the next ward committee meeting to raise concerns over this issue.

Q. There quality and frequency of grass cutting is very poor.

A. The response given was that a grass cutting schedule will be made available at the next ward committee meeting and/or newsletter.

Q. Are there any provisions for teenagers to socialise in the ward? As a group they are being neglected.

A. The response was given that there is a long term plan for putting in a MyPlace bid to provide facilities.  There is also a plan for a Young People’s Café in York in the short term, and True Nightclub also run under 18 nights. Councillor Bowgett has also been in touch with Council Officers to see if something could be done about the Family Centre, which is currently unused.

-         Debbie Glover stated that Poppleton School would be willing to cooperate on this and have facilities which may be suitable. 

Q. What is the plan for the old St Barnabas building?

A. The response given was that planning permission for terraced housing suitable for families has been granted.

Q. There is a problem with accessing the cycle paths on Poppleton Road. A dropped kerb is required.

A. The response given was that Transport planners will be informed of this.


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