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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Heslington Church, Field Lane

Contact: Toby Knight 

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This is the chance to meet and speak with your Councillors, Street Environment Officer, Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team, Neighbourhood Management Officer and visiting speakers informally.


1.1            Residents had the opportunity to speak with their councillors; Street Environment Officer; Neighbourhood Management Officer; Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team and representatives from the University of York Student Union. The Neighbourhood Management Unit consulted residents on the current ward ambitions and the One City strategy.


Welcome and Minutes


2.1       Cllr Ceredig Jamieson-Ball welcomed everybody to the meeting and invited residents to take a copy of the previous meeting’s minutes – which would be approved at the end of the meeting.


Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team

The Safer Neighbourhoods Team for Heslington & Fulford will give an update on police operations within the ward and answer any questions you have.


3.1             Sgt Andy Haigh and PC Anna Daniels gave an update on their activities in the ward:

3.2             Fulford has seen 8 fewer crimes compared to the same period last year (down 22%). The Press noted an increase in burglaries in the area; but this was in fact only an increase of one compared to last year.

3.3             Heslington has seen an increase of 13 crimes compared to the same period last year. As usual, crimes are mostly concentrated around the university, with a lot of cycle theft.

3.4             There was a robbery at Walmgate Stray. Offenders have been arrested and are currently on bail.

3.5             Regarding the ward priorities:

§         Anti-social behaviour is still very low throughout – the only real are of concern being School Lane, Fulford.

§         Speeding is also a comparatively small problem – there are currently no roads deemed to have a speeding issue in the ward. 95 Alive forms are available for people to report speeding incidents.

§         There are still a number of cycling offences being committed. The current changes to the Fulford Road system are causing confusion and police are showing discretion in issuing tickets.


Residents had the following questions and comments:


Q         The road outside Aldi and Iceland is very dangerous.

A         This is in Fishergate Ward. The police Traffic Management Unit and the council are working together to look at the issue, but Cllr Aspden is happy to raise any concerns with council officers.

Q         There are still lots of cars parked by chicanes. Some have been ticketed, but not all.

A         This is a council matter. Only cars that cause an obstruction can be ticketed by police. CYC have been informed of the issue and they are looking at double yellow lines as a possible solution.

Q         Could they just scrap chicanes?

A         CYC is looking into the wider issue of pedestrian and road safety, and any outcome will be subject to public consultation.

Q         At some points pedestrians are forced off the pavement by parked cars. Can we have bollards?

A         The area of University Road in question is subject to review. The problem has exploded since April/May.


Street Environment Services

Suzanne Prance will give an update on what she’s been doing in the ward.


4.1             Suzanne Prance, Street Environment Officer, gave a presentation about Street Environment Services and what they do in the ward. Some of the main points included:

4.2             They aim to engage and educate local residents and businesses about litter, waste disposal and graffiti.

4.3             They work with volunteer groups, parish councils, schools and universities to help achieve their aims and ensure people are informed.

4.4             They are able to issue notices to illegal traveller encampments.

4.5             Each Street Environment Officer has a small budget available for improving the appearance of street furnishings, planting bulbs etc. Ideas and suggestions for spending of the budget are welcomed.


Residents had the following questions and comments:


Q         How can we contact you if we see a problem with rubbish at student households?

A         Email: suzanne.prance@york.gov.uk , call Suzanne on: 553136 or call the York Pride Action Line on 551551.

Q         There are shopping trolleys dumped on verges by the new university campus. Dog fouling is also an issue in the area.

A         Dog wardens deal with dog fouling, but we can make them aware of any issues. We collect dumped trolleys and charge the supermarkets for their disposal.


Student Union

Representatives from the Student Union will be consulting with local residents on their community strategy.


5.1       Tim Ngwena, Student Union president for the University of York, spoke about the union’s community strategy that is currently being developed with the university, the council and the members of the community.

5.2       The aims of the strategy are to bring groups together to look at issues with parking, noise, waste collection etc.

5.3       They are looking to hear from residents about what they feel are the major issues and what they think would be an appropriate timeframe for dealing with them. Once they have produced their strategy, they will look to bring it back to this forum.

5.4       The five key issues they have identified are: Housing, Safety and Security, Community Impact, Volunteering, Students as Employees. Residents were invited to comment on each of the issues.

5.5            Housing. Includes housing policy and partnerships, students as tenants and residents in York.

Q         Perhaps have the SU work with The Deramore and others to ensure that students keep relatively quiet on the way home.

A         York St John’s have nightwardens – which have been very successful. We are talking with them about this. Looking to have in place certainly for freshers’ week and possibly beyond.

Q         Large groups of noisy students cut through our garden on their way home at night.

A         We are aware of this issue and looking at ways of prevention. Would like to discuss this issue further after the meeting.

5.6       Safety and Security. Safety issues in the community including crime prevention and personal safety.

5.7            Community Impact. Developing representation, engagement and an agree local vision.

Q         Is there a student representative on the parish council? It would be a good idea to have one.

A         Not currently, but will make it a priority to have a representative there.

Q         Do you inform students about acceptable noise levels in their welcome packs?

A         Yes, but we need to update our methods of communication. Looking to provide rubbish collection info also.

Q         Is it possible to persuade students not to bring a car with them? It’s impossible to park without upsetting residents.

A         We are educating students on car use, and making them aware of alternative transport. Not all who park in the area are students; some are staff or others working on campus.

Q         The vast majority of students are very polite and pleasant. It just seems to be a minority that cause trouble.

A         Thank you – nice to hear positive things also!

Q         The new campus is intended to be a sustainable environment. Part of that sustainability is encouraging students not to bring a car.

A         Yes, agreed. The University of York do make efforts, including their rules for new students aimed at limiting the number of cars.

5.8            Volunteering. Which addresses and compliments community need. Student have recently helped out at events like Fulford Show.

            Q         Consider scouts and brownies also?

            A         Will do.

5.9            Students as employees. Working part-time in the local economy. Creating opportunities in local  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Your Ward, Your City, Your Say

The Neighbourhood Management team are going to be at the meeting to get your ideas and suggestions about your ward, our service and our partners’ services.


6.1             Jackie Jackson from the Neighbourhood Management Unit gave a presentation on the draft One City Strategy.  The aim of the strategy is to guide organisations in making sure that residents are given opportunities to be involved in shaping York’s future (Participation), making sure that we provide the right services for all communities and ensure all residents are treated fairly (Fairness and Inclusion) and ensuring we have good community relations between communities (Community Cohesion). 

6.2             Following the presentation, residents took part in an interactive voting session to answer questions about current participation, fairness and inclusion and community cohesion in York.  The results of this will inform the final draft of the strategy. 

6.3       The strategy will be available on City of York council’s website once it is finalised.


Have Your Say!

Your chance to ask questions about local issues and concerns.


7.1            Residents were given the opportunity to raise any issues not already discussed in the meeting.


Q         There are still some raised manhole covers in Fulford ward.

A         Cllr Aspden has asked CYC to get the contractors to address the problem.

Q         The new traffic lights on Heslington Lane are very good.

Q         Why couldn’t we have an update on local improvement schemes from last year or this year during the meeting? It is hard to decide on what schemes we should suggest when we don’t know how successful the others were.

A         We will look to include an update on last year’s schemes in the next Your Ward. The 2010-11 schemes are still in the early stages so there is not much to report on.

Q         When will we the ward-funded trees be planted?

A         We are currently awaiting suggestions for locations.


7.2       Cllr Keith Aspden noted that the Fulford village design statement has now been produced and residents of Fulford should be receiving Parish newsletters inviting them to a consultation through the post. In addition, the “Fulford Battle for the Future” cotton bags are being delivered free to Fulford residents. These will also be available to purchase in local shops.

7.3             Fulford Battle cotton bags are also available to purchase in local shops.

7.4             The minutes were agreed and signed. The meeting closed at 9.05pm.


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