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Student Union

Representatives from the Student Union will be consulting with local residents on their community strategy.


5.1       Tim Ngwena, Student Union president for the University of York, spoke about the union’s community strategy that is currently being developed with the university, the council and the members of the community.

5.2       The aims of the strategy are to bring groups together to look at issues with parking, noise, waste collection etc.

5.3       They are looking to hear from residents about what they feel are the major issues and what they think would be an appropriate timeframe for dealing with them. Once they have produced their strategy, they will look to bring it back to this forum.

5.4       The five key issues they have identified are: Housing, Safety and Security, Community Impact, Volunteering, Students as Employees. Residents were invited to comment on each of the issues.

5.5            Housing. Includes housing policy and partnerships, students as tenants and residents in York.

Q         Perhaps have the SU work with The Deramore and others to ensure that students keep relatively quiet on the way home.

A         York St John’s have nightwardens – which have been very successful. We are talking with them about this. Looking to have in place certainly for freshers’ week and possibly beyond.

Q         Large groups of noisy students cut through our garden on their way home at night.

A         We are aware of this issue and looking at ways of prevention. Would like to discuss this issue further after the meeting.

5.6       Safety and Security. Safety issues in the community including crime prevention and personal safety.

5.7            Community Impact. Developing representation, engagement and an agree local vision.

Q         Is there a student representative on the parish council? It would be a good idea to have one.

A         Not currently, but will make it a priority to have a representative there.

Q         Do you inform students about acceptable noise levels in their welcome packs?

A         Yes, but we need to update our methods of communication. Looking to provide rubbish collection info also.

Q         Is it possible to persuade students not to bring a car with them? It’s impossible to park without upsetting residents.

A         We are educating students on car use, and making them aware of alternative transport. Not all who park in the area are students; some are staff or others working on campus.

Q         The vast majority of students are very polite and pleasant. It just seems to be a minority that cause trouble.

A         Thank you – nice to hear positive things also!

Q         The new campus is intended to be a sustainable environment. Part of that sustainability is encouraging students not to bring a car.

A         Yes, agreed. The University of York do make efforts, including their rules for new students aimed at limiting the number of cars.

5.8            Volunteering. Which addresses and compliments community need. Student have recently helped out at events like Fulford Show.

            Q         Consider scouts and brownies also?

            A         Will do.

5.9            Students as employees. Working part-time in the local economy. Creating opportunities in local businesses.

5.10            Please get in touch with any other ideas.


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