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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Clifton Methodist Church

No. Item


Ward Surgery

You will have an opportunity to talk to:

  • Your local Ward Councillors
  • Your Street Environment Officer
  • Your Neighbourhood Policing Team
  • Your Young People’s Service Officer
  • Your Neighbourhood Management Officer
  • A representative from York Older People’s Assembly
  • Your Physical Activity Co-ordinator


The surgery was well attended, with Iain Dunn Street Environment Officer, Insp. Mark Khan, Sgt Shaun Page, Sharron Hutchinson, Youth Services Manager, Mora Scaife, Neighbourhood Manager, Michael Hawtin, Neighbourhood Management Officer, Bob Towner, York Older People’s Assembly,  John Swires, Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Bernie Flanagan, Children and Families dept and Laura Telfer, Physical Activity Co-ordinator.


Andrew Creasey, Crew Manager, Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service was on-hand to offer advice and arrange for visits to residents to go over their fire safety.




Welcome and Minutes

We will ask for your approval of the minutes from the last meeting. 


The minutes from the meeting in July were agreed and signed.


Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service Provision Review


John Swires told the meeting about the service provision review and how to get involved by going to their web site or calling the fire station.


There will be several options all of which will be explained in the consultation. The options will mean rebuilding or refurbishing the current city centre Fire Station, building a new station possibly along the Hull Road/University corridor or making the fire crew at Huntington full-time.


All of the options have been considered and explanations of the pros and cons given on the web site. The service have looked through statistics about incidents, population, risk and new building developments to come up with the options.


At the Clifford Street Fire Station currently there are two fire engines, the aerial platform and the river rescue equipment and boat. Due to the limited space, to bring the site up to standard it would mean that the aerial platform and one fire engine would have to move to another location.


The preferred option would go to the Combined Fire Panel in February to determine which of the options is chosen.


York Older People's Assembly

Bob Towner, Vice Chair of York Older People’s Assembly will talk about the UK Older People’s Day


Bob Towner introduced UK Older People’s Day which is to celebrate the contribution of older people. He also explained what the York Older People’s Assembly did and how they worked. 4 years ago the York 50 plus festival was instigated with Age Concern to bring together all the issues of older people into a single forum. The Older Peoples’ Assembly is involved in gathering views of older people and to help them maintain their independence. They produce a regular newsletter which is sent to 4,000 subscribers and is available form libraries. The assembly is entirely voluntary with no paid staff. All residents were invited to join.


He went on to say that there are 2,000 pensioners in Clifton and that 45% of people over 75 live alone with some of the lowest incomes and high dependency on health services.


Ward Team Update

You can find out what the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, Street Environment Officer and Young People’s Service has been doing over the last few months.


·        Young People’s Service

Sharron Hutchinson told the meeting that she is the Young People’s Service manager responsible for York North. She had placed leaflets on everyone’s seat which described the services and activities of the Young People’s Service. She explained that she was giving young people the opportunity to go on a survival skills course. They also take part in football tournaments with the police.


She then asked if anyone had any questions.


Q. Do a lot of young people come along?

A. Yes, but the team not only hold events and sessions in community and youth centre but they also go out and about to try to engage with young people wherever they are.


Q. What age are the people that the service deals with?

A. from 13 to 19, at Kingswater, Burton Stone Community Centre and the drop-in at Canon Lee School.


·        Safer neighbourhood Team

Shaun Page told the meeting that the Safer Neighbourhood Team were keen to continue with the consultation about their priorities and told everyone that there were sheets at the back of the room where residents could write their suggestions.


In short crime has fallen by 17% overall. There is a bit of a concern over slightly increasing levels of burglary but they are running a ‘Beat the Burglar’ campaign to encourage people to use simple, effective, crime reduction techniques like turning on lights etc.


Clifton Fun Day was a success and there are plans to repeat it again next year. In certain areas the team is working on individuals in an area to bring down crime and there will be a day of action at Hambleton Terrace to improve the cycle track and make it more secure. Residents are now responsible for locking gates.


The Safer Neighbourhood Team will be especially vigilant over the mischief night and bonfire night period.


Q. What can we do about problems with kids drinking alcohol/

A. Let the team know so that we can look into it and focus resources on specific areas.


Q. I just wanted to say that the work of the PCSOs is greatly appreciated.


Q. Is someone monitoring the camera near the supermarket on Burton Stone Lane?

A. It is being recorded 24hours a day but not necessarily watched.


Q. What about Peter Hill Drive and the intimidation of residents?

A. We are trying to bring residents together, we have already held an impromptu meeting with some residents and dealt with parents to get them involved. The situation has improved recently and residents are trying to do something about it. There have been several suggestions and they are being considered.


Q. What about the cycle track near the Haxby Road bridge.

A. We have been told about it and are aware however our priority at the moment is to solve the problem at Peter Hill Drive.


Discussion of Local Improvement Scheme suggestions

We will talk about the schemes to be voted on for the next year.  This is your chance to tell the meeting about any schemes you have suggested and give support to those that you think are a good idea.


Residents and representatives were given the opportunity to speak in support of the schemes on the ballot list.


Scheme 1; Lay-by parking in Rowntree Avenue.

Linda, a residents told the meeting that there is a problem in Rowntree Avenue. The flats were originally for older people but have been rented to younger people who have cars. The area is also used by hospital staff. There have been 3 accidents and at least 4 cars damaged on one incident. Often there’s double parking and vehicles can’t get through. A petition will be sent to the council in November.


Scheme 7; Grant to Young People’s Service.

Sharron Hutchinson told the meeting about the plans that the Young People’s Service have for the coming year. They support young people aged 11 to 19. They get about 20 to 30 young people at their sessions. They are hoping to run a survival skills course. They work closely with PCSOs.


Scheme 8; Grant to Clifton and Bootham Out and About for outings for older residents.

Pat Holgate the secretary told the meeting that the organisation has been in operation for 8 years providing affordable outings, some totally free and others subsidised. They hold up to 15 outings every year. With the cost of fuel going up people with mobility problems will appreciate these outings more and more. They anticipate doing their 100th outing at Christmas time and they have had 2,500 places on trips.


Q. Are your costs based on the fuel prices of a month ago or now?

A. We have factored in the rise in fuel prices.


Scheme 9; Arts Action York for a programme of musical activities for the residents of Morrell House care home.

Emily Harvey introduced Fiona Chapman who has worked with people with dementia in residential homes. The benefits for the residents are that it helps with the symptoms and the fear and loneliness involved in dementia. People sometimes don’t recognise friends and family which makes them isolated. Music can help alleviate some of these symptoms. People have found that playing instruments helps them work together and combat some of the isolation to support staff at the home.


Scheme 10; Street Sports York to provide mobile sports sessions around the ward.

Simon Haddock told the meeting about the work of Street Sports York, the mobile skate park and a traverse climbing wall. They get no other funding and feel that what they provide is good value for money and effective for the young people.


Scheme 15; Grant to Global York to run a city-wide tour providing free activities for children, young people and families.

Jess from Global explained that it is a community-based organisation. They run a weekly kids’ club with games and arts and crafts. They are planning a week of activities for 11-18 year olds. This includes sumo wrestling, arts & crafts and a bouncy castle. The events are free to access and often over 50 people attend each session. They work with Yor-OK but need the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Have Your Say

Your opportunity for you to raise local issues and concerns. 


Les from the planning panel explained that the plaque on the Burton Stone would be completed eventually.


Q. The house built on Greencliffe Drive, at the first planning application I spoke against it as I don’t think it fits is it an ECO house and how was it approved?

A. The planning panel saw 3 other applications which were hideous, the planning panel opposed it but it was approved. It is built to high ecological standards though.


Q. What about the consequences of the work on Clifton Bridge – has anyone considered the extra traffic on Westminster Road,  is there an initiative to look at 20mph speed restrictions there and to install a low sound surface or to bollard it off so it can’t be used as a rat-run?

A. The Avenue may be one of the streets to benefit from a 20mph zone and it could become access only.


Q. After the council adopted the Croft and the clean up, unfortunately now it gives youths the space to throw stones from the space near the back of the garage to the rear of the houses on Avenue Terrace.

A. The PCSOs are aware and will do what they can.


Q. Are there plans to have Speed activated signs on Burton Stone Lane?

A. It is a very good idea. We want to stop people using roads like race tracks. There are significant problems in the area and there are thoughts that the 20mph zone in Burton Stone Lane could be extended but it has to be resident-led with a petition and letter etc. A petition will get onto the agenda for council meetings.


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