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Agenda item

Discussion of Local Improvement Scheme suggestions

We will talk about the schemes to be voted on for the next year.  This is your chance to tell the meeting about any schemes you have suggested and give support to those that you think are a good idea.


Residents and representatives were given the opportunity to speak in support of the schemes on the ballot list.


Scheme 1; Lay-by parking in Rowntree Avenue.

Linda, a residents told the meeting that there is a problem in Rowntree Avenue. The flats were originally for older people but have been rented to younger people who have cars. The area is also used by hospital staff. There have been 3 accidents and at least 4 cars damaged on one incident. Often there’s double parking and vehicles can’t get through. A petition will be sent to the council in November.


Scheme 7; Grant to Young People’s Service.

Sharron Hutchinson told the meeting about the plans that the Young People’s Service have for the coming year. They support young people aged 11 to 19. They get about 20 to 30 young people at their sessions. They are hoping to run a survival skills course. They work closely with PCSOs.


Scheme 8; Grant to Clifton and Bootham Out and About for outings for older residents.

Pat Holgate the secretary told the meeting that the organisation has been in operation for 8 years providing affordable outings, some totally free and others subsidised. They hold up to 15 outings every year. With the cost of fuel going up people with mobility problems will appreciate these outings more and more. They anticipate doing their 100th outing at Christmas time and they have had 2,500 places on trips.


Q. Are your costs based on the fuel prices of a month ago or now?

A. We have factored in the rise in fuel prices.


Scheme 9; Arts Action York for a programme of musical activities for the residents of Morrell House care home.

Emily Harvey introduced Fiona Chapman who has worked with people with dementia in residential homes. The benefits for the residents are that it helps with the symptoms and the fear and loneliness involved in dementia. People sometimes don’t recognise friends and family which makes them isolated. Music can help alleviate some of these symptoms. People have found that playing instruments helps them work together and combat some of the isolation to support staff at the home.


Scheme 10; Street Sports York to provide mobile sports sessions around the ward.

Simon Haddock told the meeting about the work of Street Sports York, the mobile skate park and a traverse climbing wall. They get no other funding and feel that what they provide is good value for money and effective for the young people.


Scheme 15; Grant to Global York to run a city-wide tour providing free activities for children, young people and families.

Jess from Global explained that it is a community-based organisation. They run a weekly kids’ club with games and arts and crafts. They are planning a week of activities for 11-18 year olds. This includes sumo wrestling, arts & crafts and a bouncy castle. The events are free to access and often over 50 people attend each session. They work with Yor-OK but need the funding from the ward committee to top up their funds.


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