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Make It York (MIY) is formally a ‘destination management organisation’ (DMO) but could also be described as a ‘marketing development company’.  It fulfils a similar role to other city organisations such as Marketing Birmingham, Newcastle Gateshead Initiative, Marketing Manchester, Opportunity Peterborough etc.

MIY brings together 6 activities across the city:

§  Visit York

§  Science City York

§  City centre management

§  Festivals and events

§  Inward investment

§  Business support

The rationale behind the creation of MIY was:

§  to reduce duplication and improve efficiency

§  to provide a cohesive, ‘joined up’ approach to the task of promoting and developing York

§  to develop a more commercial approach to traditional public sector led activities e.g. festivals and events

The company is structured around the idea of serving 5 key customer groups:

§  Residents

§  Tourists

§  Students

§  Existing York businesses

§  Inward investors

MIY is a company with one shareholder: City of York Council (CYC).  CYC provide grant funding to a level of about 25% of the company’s income.  The remaining revenue comes from Visit York membership activity and from developing additional products and services.  A key requirement of MIY is to become increasingly commercial and reduce the reliance on public sector subsidy.

MIY is a classic ‘public/private sector partnership’.  The relationship between MIY and CYC is cemented by a ‘service level agreement’ (SLA).  This sets out some clear objectives for MIY to achieve and is a public document. The SLA will be reviewed formally each year.

55 staff are based at offices at 1 Museum Street and 5 Silver Street in York.

The senior management team of MIY is:

§  Steve Brown       Managing Director

§  Kate McMullen   Head of Consumer Products and Marketing

§  Andrew Sharp    Head of Business

The Board is drawn from across the private and public sectors.  Members of the Board are:

§  Jane Lady Gibson (Chair)

§  Professor Chris Bailey (consultant and Chair of York at Large)

§  Steve Brown (MD, MIY)

§  Cllr Ian Gillies  (Leader of CYC)

§  Charlie Croft (City of York Council)

§  Peter Clinker (Nestlé)

§  Joan Concannon (University of York)

§  Mark Fordyce (York Data Services)

§  Sally Joynson (Screen Yorkshire)

§  Paul Kirkman (National Rail Museum)

§  Professor Karen Stanton (York St John University)

§  Philip Thake (York Conservation Trust)

There are also 2 advisers to the Board:

§  James Farrar (York, North Yorkshire and East Riding LEP)

§  Louise Stewart (VisitEngland)

5 advisory boards were set up to support MIY and ensure a balanced and relevant agenda of activity across the company:

§  Visit York (tourism)

§  York at Large (culture)

§  Science City York (IT, digital/creative and bioscience)

§  York Enterprise Partnership (business)

§  York City Team (city centre development).

Visit York and Science City York have been dissolved as companies and their activities and assets transferred into MIY.  The brands remain active and are used under the umbrella brand of MIY.

(formerly Visit York)

Contact information

Steve Brown, Managing Director

1 Museum Street

Phone: 01904 554464

Website: www.makeityork.com

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