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Regional Audit Committee Forum (Yorkshire & Humberside)


Purpose and objectives of the Forum


The purpose of regional forums is to provide a place where Audit Committee chairs can come together and discuss issues of common concern, identify and share best practice, alert each other to emerging issues and, for newly appointed Chairs, to pick up tips from more experienced colleagues. 


Forum membership


The Regional Forum for Audit Committee Chairs will comprise the following membership for the region.

·        Local Authority Audit Committee chairs,

·        Combined Authorities Audit Committee chairs,

·        Combined Fire Authority Audit Committee chairs

·        This includes Independent member Chairs within the region where appointed


A representative from the LGA’s regional team will attend at least one meeting a year to provide a link to LGA advice and support.

When an Audit Committee Chair is unable to attend a meeting, they can send their Vice-Chair as a substitute.

The forum should normally be supported by advice from relevant professional officers drawn from the authorities in membership.  

Guest speakers and attendees such as external auditors may be invited from time to time.


Meetings will take place at a frequency for the forum to decide but no less than three times a year. The forum may for example agree to have 2 formal meetings and 1 networking session.

Items for Consideration


The work of the forum will comprise;


·        Consideration of shared issues and concerns relating to the audit, governance and risk management of councils.

·        Sharing of information on emerging risks and issues relating to local authorities

·        Identification of good practice in the way audit committee business is conducted and supported.

·        Contributions to national debate and consultation processes relating to the future of local audit.

·        Identification and commissioning of training and development opportunities for audit committee Chairs and members.


To facilitate sharing of information in an environment of trust, meetings should be held under the Chatham House rule.


Contact information

Nicola Sylvester

Our representatives


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