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Civic protocols Review

21/02/2024 - Civic protocols Review

Resolved: That approval be given to the:


(a)  Changes to civic protocols for introduction in the new Civic Year from May 2024 as follows:


·       The York Community Fund (YCF) becomes the permanent mechanism for channelling all Lord Mayor Charity monetary donations;

·       Externally funded foreign travel decisions using the lowest carbon option that is practical will be made by the Chief Operating Officer/Leader of the Council by exception; other foreign trips will not be supported;

·       Enhancement of a Civic Party webpage on the CYC website;

·       Attendance at events outside of the city will not be funded;

·       The council will provide support for set agreed events each year. For all other events the civic party will attend at their own cost and wear badges of office; 

·       The final list of events will be delegated to the Director of Customer & Communities in consultation with Executive portfolio holders, and should seek to reduce the number of annual/regular funded attendances by 25%;

·       A set of transport protocols will be developed for civic vehicle usage for agreed annual events and for exceptions such as royal visits including:

o   increased use of public transport where possible (with reasonable adjustments made where required);

o   civic party to wear badges of office when on public transport and attending community events;

o   provision of parking passes for personal vehicles to continue, making use of the civic car unnecessary for home to city centre events, or Mansion House/West Offices to city centre events.

·       In line with the review of the reduction in funded annual/regular events, the number of occasions the sword, mace, robes and chains are required will be all be reviewed and reduced for their security and protection;

·       Badges of office are to be used more regularly and other options including sponsorship of replica chains will be sought over the next civic year;

·       The Mansion House will no longer to be used for living accommodation for the Lord Mayoralty;

·       Lord Mayor and Sheriff’s personal allowances are reduced by a total of £5k (reducing to £1595 and £785 respectively).


(b)  Review and publish the Civic Protocols on the council’s website by the 1st of May each year;


(c) Officers to take a future report to Executive which will seek to provide options to ensure the financial security of the Mansion House in public ownership, and the financial and climate change benefits to York of other civic assets are maximised.




1.         To ensure that the Civic Party, including use of the Mansion House and Lord Mayor’s Charity are supported into the future in a sustainable way at a time of constrained resources. 


2.         To ensure that the Lord Mayor can continue to act as an ambassador for the city as its First Citizen, in their role in relation to:

a.       historical and ceremonial traditions of the Office of Lord Mayor;

b.       attend and support civic events and community activities which demonstrate the First Citizen’s commitment to the Council Plan.



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