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Response to Petition regarding Noddle Hill lay-by

14/03/2023 - Response to petition regarding Noddle Hill lay-by



                      i.         Noted the E-Petition received;

                     ii.         Noted the interim situation for the unauthorised encampment at Noddle Hill;

                    iii.        Noted the future work proposed to increase the amount of Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation as part of the delivery phase of the Local Plan which will enable relocation of the encampment to an authorised site;

                   iv.        Noted the establishment of a Project Manager post by the Corporate Director of Place in Consultation with the Executive Member for Housing in regard to already committed S106 funds and to commence early engagement with the developers of strategic sites and commence planning for the provision of additional pitches;

                     v.        Agreed, subject to land ownership questions being clarified, to commence the process to stop up the Noddle Hill layby as being surplus to highway requirements and develop proposals for a green area to improve the amenity of the adjoining area.


Reason:     To ensure the long-term solution to the unauthorised

encampment at Noddle Hill and reflect the legal protections afforded to the individuals on the encampment.


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