Issue - decisions

Financial Strategy 2023/24

10/02/2023 - Financial Strategy 2023/24 to 2027/28

Recommended:  (i)      That Council approve the budget proposals outlined in the report and annexes; in particular:

a)   The net revenue expenditure requirement of £141.624m;

b)   A council tax requirement of £107.783m;

c)   The revenue growth proposals as outlined in the body of the report;

d)   The 2023/24 revenue savings proposals as outlined in Annex 2;

e)   The fees and charges proposals as outlined in Annex 3;

f)     The consultation feedback as set out in Annex 4;

g)   The Housing Revenue Account (HRA) savings proposals set out in Annex 6 and the HRA 2023/24 budget set out in Annex 7;

h)   The dedicated schools grant proposals outlined from paragraph 186, including option 1 for allocating 3 & 4 year old early years funding to providers;

i)     The use of £1m from reserves to fund one off investment, as outlined in paragraph 87.


Reason:     To ensure that a legally balanced budget is set.


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