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Management and Governance of York Multiply Funding

03/01/2023 - Management and Governance of York Multiply Funding


(a)  That the transfer of all Multiply funds to North Yorkshire County Council for management, in a ring-fenced way, with oversight on performance provided by close working arrangements between Assistant Director (Customer and Communities) at City of York Council and Assistant Director (Education and Skills) at North Yorkshire County Council providing open financial oversight of the work of the Multiply Operations Manager, be approved.

Reason: Multiply funding is subject to a maximum 10% administration cap, some of this is allocated to the operations manager role and further is to be passed onto project management for partners following procurement. North Yorkshire County Council have agreed that the management of Multiply funding can be completed within the existing central support arrangements for servicing the Adult Learning and Skills Service. This will then ensure that more of the money allocated to York can be spent upon provision.

(b)  That the Governance of Multiply sits with the York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnerships Skills and Employability Board, be approved.

Reason:  Multiply funding is an aspect of UK Shared prosperity Funding (UKSPF) with the most obvious crossover being with the People and Skills Strand of this funding. In the proposals for the wider UKSPF in North Yorkshire there is a suggestion that the current York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnerships (YNYLEP) Skills and Employability Board (SEB) become the board with oversight over the People and Skills aspects of UKSPF. As this board is already formed and has representation from both authorities, FE (Further Education) Colleges, Community and Voluntary Sector and Employer membership that Multiply is also governed by this board.

(c)      That the Innovation Funding Pot grant requests to be managed by the Multiply Board but can be authorised by the Assistant Director for Customer and Communities where necessary, be approved.

Reason: The Innovation Pot funding as described within the investment plan is to be used for providers to identify innovative ways that they may engage adults in maths related activity. This fund is £130k for North Yorkshire and £32k approximately for York. The board is expected to meet once a term, but funding may be required sooner than the board can meet. It is proposed that if required amounts could be signed off by the Assistant Director, taking advice from the Multiply Operations Manager and the Heads of the Adult Learning Service(s).



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