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2023-2028 Housing Asset Management and Energy Retrofit Plan

15/12/2022 - 2023-2028 Housing Asset Management and Energy Efficiency Retrofit Plan



                      i.         That the Housing Asset Management approach for 2023-28, as outlined in the report, be approved, ensuring that the council invests well in its housing stock in order to provide safe, sustainable, affordable and good quality homes by:

a.   continuing to deliver to the government’s Decent Home Standard;

b.   adopting the enhanced York Standard;

c.   continuing to identify and work to deal with damp and mould in homes;

d.   adapting more homes to meet the needs of people with mobility difficulties, older and disabled people, including children with long term illnesses and complex conditions;

e.   delivering homes for older people that support and enhance independence, safety and care; and

f.    building new homes to a high standard to meet the growing and changing needs of the city’s residents.


                     ii.         That the expected HRA business plan investment of around £53m over the next 5 years into the repair, modernisation and improvement of existing properties, with the ambition to increase this sum via the award of government grant and other funds to drive forward energy efficiency retrofit, be noted.

                    iii.        That the Retrofit Action Plan at Annex A to the report, which provides a strategic framework to improving the energy efficiency and the thermal performance of both council houses and those in the private sector, be approved.

                   iv.        That an annual report be brought to the Decision Session of the Executive Member for Housing & Safer Neighbourhoods describing performance against the ambitions of the Asset Management and Retrofit objectives outlined in the report, providing increased oversight and transparency for council house residents.


Reason:     To provide a robust asset management approach to the council’s capital investments, ensuring council homes are safe, sustainable, affordable and good quality.



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