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Early Talk for York

08/11/2022 - Early Talk for York

Resolved: That;

                     i.        Support be given to the full rollout of Early Talk for York across the city.

                    ii.        A report measuring the outcomes of the full rollout of Early Talk for York be presented to the Executive Member in one year (November 2023).


Reason:     Early Talk for York is demonstrating impact on improving children’s outcomes in line with the original Theory of Change.  Of particular note is that children’s outcomes have continued to improve in the Early Talk for York area during the pandemic window whilst those in other areas have declined.  This is particularly so for those children who are disadvantaged.  As this work has demonstrated Early Talk for York appears to be an effective way of improving outcomes, particularly for the disadvantaged cohort, a roll out across the city is recommended so more children can benefit from this approach.



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