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Update on E-scooter trials

15/02/2022 - Update on E-scooter trials



                      i.         Approved the continuation with the micro-mobility trial, in line with the DfT extension and that the current operator (TIER) will remain the sole provider in York until the end of the trial period.


Reason:     Continuation of the trial in York until the 30th November 2022 in line with the DfT’s expectations provides important feedback to the creation of national guidelines. It allows the approx. 6,000current users making 20,000 trips a month to continue using thesustainable methods of transport to get around the city.


                     ii.         Approved the generation of a permanent Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for the scheme as the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (E-TRO) will expire in March.


Reason:     The experimental Traffic Regulation Order that allows Escooters to the list of permitted vehicles allowed to travel wherever cycles are permitted expires on 5 April 2022 and cannot legally be extended.


                    iii.        Confirmed that e-bikes to use CYC cycle racks with capacity restrictions so that there is plenty of space for other cycles at all times.


Reason:     Allowing e-bikes (not e-scooters) to use cycle racks around  the city will encourage adoption of cycling by making journey start and end points convenient an accessible to more people. This will also make e-bikes accessible to residents living in York’s outer villages such as Haxby & Poppleton where scooter parking has not been easy to identify.


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