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Recycling Waste Consultation and Next Steps

25/06/2021 - Recycling Collection Options and Waste Consultations

Resolved:  (i)      That the 7,205 residents who took the time to complete the council consultation on recycling (one of the best consultation responses ever received) be thanked, and that the Government’s own intentions to increase recycling by funding local authorities to provide additional services be welcomed.


Reason:     To provide greater clarity on efforts to increase recycling across the country.


                   (ii)      That authority be delegated to the Director of Environment, Transport and Planning, in consultation with the Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change, to provide a response to the Government’s consultation on recycling collections based upon the resident response to the councils consultation by the closing date of 4 July.


Reason:     To ensure that the council’s response to the Government consultation reflects the views of residents.


                   (iii)     That the implementation of the three-weekly recycling collections not proceed.


Reason:     Results from the resident focus groups showed that communicating the three-weekly collection was extremely difficult and this would therefore be a risk to success; in addition, the forthcoming Environment Bill may mandate fortnightly collections, meaning that any fundamental change is likely to result in a second change to collection methodology in the next few years, potentially leading to abortive costs.


                   (iv)    That the garden waste season be extended by one month, to run from the beginning of March to the end of October each year, starting in March 2022.


Reason:     While there was some support for a year-round green waste service this was not conclusive, and previous customer requests have shown a demand for an earlier start to the season; this change will ensure that residents have a service that meets their need and extends the collection season, which was a theme in the consultation.


                   (v)     That, in light of the vehicle replacement, a review be undertaken to determine whether current collection routes for recycling, refuse and garden waste are as efficient as possible and, if this results in proposals for a significant change, that a report be taken to the Executive Member for Environment & Climate Change.


Reason:     To ensure that an efficient and effective service is provided.


                   (vi)    That officers begin to implement the bags to bins policy (wheeled bins rather than black bags), bring this matter to future Decision Sessions of the Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change, and review the opportunities to extend the green waste collection to these properties.


Reason:     To help prepare the city for any future changes.


                   (vii)    That the sorting of dry recycling into two streams by the collection teams be formally adopted and that a communications campaign be launched to all householders that glass, cans and plastics can now be placed in the same box or boxes (2 boxes per household) but that paper and card must be kept separate.


Reason:     So that residents are only asked to source-separate their recycling to the required level.


                   (viii)   That it be noted that these decisions, and the previous approvals of a budget for waste vehicle replacement and adoption of the Future Fleet Management Policy, will allow officers to procure a fleet of twin stream recycling vehicles.


Reason:     The existing recycling vehicle fleet is beyond its economical and serviceable life.


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