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Issue - decisions

South Bank Residents’ – Wider Consultation Update

11/08/2020 - South Bank Residents' Wider Consultation Update


(i) That the principle that all future zones and extensions in the South Bank area be designated R58C.


(ii) That the principle that the qualification area for properties in ResPark may be set wider than just the frontagers to the controlled streets.


(iii) That further consultation be undertaken to amend Zone boundaries of R6, R36, R54, R57 and R58 with a view to providing a more equal scheme for all residents.


(iv) That further consultation, in the sections of streets identified in Annex E, be undertaken to identify what parking measurers should be applied at this time.


(v) That further consultation, in the streets identified through the recent consultation, be undertaken to propose and discuss implementation of selected movement controls to better manage traffic flow in these streets. Key junctions might include those indentified in Annex F.



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