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Parking Services back office system development

11/08/2020 - Parking Services back office system development



A.  That it be noted that there have been delays to the delivery of the project due to the Covid-19 impacts, but good progress has been made on the project and the back office system will be ready to go live in December 2020;


B.  That approval be given to the back office system to go live in December 2020 ahead of a direct debit solution in place. The proposed solution is too complex to implement a part of the initial roll out, but will be investigated further as a second phase roll out in 2021 and this will enable monthly payment;


C.  That agreement be given to the permits highlighted as “Virtual” in Annex A will be virtual permits once the new back office system goes live in December 2020. Also, to note that processes will be in place in terms of telephone and face to face to support residents who are unable to access the online systems. All efforts will be made to assist residents to access the system online;


D.  That it be noted that when the new Pay on Exit system is implemented in Marygate car park a 12 month trial of cashless parking will be initiated as agreed at the November 2019 Executive meeting;


E.  That the decision made through emergency powers be confirmed to extend the operating hours of Piccadilly car park, during the COVID-19 recovery stages, to 8pm in line with the longer opening hours of the footstreets. This will come at a cost of £1,776 for additional security provision (as per the recommended option) and will run to the 1st December;


F.   That agreement be given to the changing of the name of Piccadilly car park to Coppergate Centre car park in order to provide a better and unique identity to this key Council asset;


G.  That following the review of Annex C agreement be given to the actions required to update the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) changes in references C-1 to C-18 and agree to go out to consult on C-19 and C-22. These items are required to support the back office system. These are intended to improve the customer experience and realise the advantages the new back office system can bring.  Annex A lists out all the permits and whether there is a change required and if so what that change is. 


Where a decision by the Executive Member is required a decision will also need to be made with respect to the scope of consultation considered necessary to support the changes.  This includes the following:-


a.   Rationalising the list of parking permits available to better meet the current requirements of customers.

b.   Changes and updates to the supporting TRO to bring wording in line with current legislation and practice.

c.   Minor modifications to align the wording in the TRO to the new back office system.

d.   Consideration of options largely driven by customer feedback and observations of current activity.


H.  That following the review of Annex B agreement be given to the change in the Parking discount criteria, to bring it in line with other Council Services where the criteria used for Parking discount visitor permits is out of step with current legislation;


I.     That it be noted that when the new back office system goes live, the option of cash payment at West Offices will be replaced with the system in place for council tax of use of PayPointservices at local shops and post offices. This also supports the protection of staff against the possible contamination from Covid19.


The same will apply for Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) once a solution has been put in place due to the current legislation saying cash has to be accepted to pay PCNs.  The solution will follow what is done in council tax where a QR code or bar code may be used allowing any PayPoint establishment to accept cash to pay a customer’s PCN.  Once this solution is implemented West Offices will then cease to accept cash to pay PCNs;



Reason:    To positively respond to the November 2019 Executive Decisions and March 2019 parking scrutiny report to provide an online, self-service system for the benefit of the city’s parking customers and staff.


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