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City of York Council Fleet Strategy

19/03/2020 - Future Fleet Management Policy

Resolved:  (i)      That the adoption of the draft Vehicle Management Policy at Annex A to the report be noted.


Reason:     The policy will formalise the current working practice and strengthen the work to minimise the size of the fleet actually required to deliver council services


                   (ii)      That Option 3 be approved and the transition be commenced to an electric fleet for all vehicles under 3.5 tonnes as part of a four-year programme, by extending the operational life of some existing vehicles, with this to be incorporated into the Fleet Management Policy.


Reason:     The transition to an electric fleet will reduce the environmental impact of the council’s operations, and taking a phased approach to this will ensure service quality is maintained.


                   (iii)     That officers be asked to continue to explore the options for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes to move away from fossil fuels.


Reason:     The alternative fuel technology is evolving rapidly and will be able to support a wide range of tasks undertaken by the council’s vehicles; the green technology for heavier vehicles is still emerging, but wherever viable the greenest possible option will be recommended.


                   (iv)    That an allocation of £50k be requested from the One Planet Council capital budget to fund further development and design work to upgrade Hazel Court to operate an electric fleet.


Reason:     Hazel Court Depot will be key in the delivery towards an electric fleet, and this upgrade needs to be progressed prior to the final business case.



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