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City Centre Access – Phase 1 Proposals – Budget Update

14/02/2020 - City Centre Access – Phase 1 Proposals (Update)

Resolved:  (i)      That the final location of static and sliding bollards, as detailed in Annex B, be approved.


Reason:     To give security rated effect to the Traffic Regulation Order change approved by Executive in August 2019.


                   (ii)      That the additional capital requirement of £1,000k for the Phase 1 measures (including mitigation for disabled groups and Racecourse measures), which will be considered as part of the Capital Strategy report at item 9 on the agenda, be noted.


Reason:     To be aware that this will enable the delivery of the scheme of permanent measures for city centre security.


                   (iii)     That it be noted that the recommended solution will have an additional revenue cost implication to the council, provisionally estimated as £115k in a full year and that these additional costs will need to be included as unavoidable growth in future budget strategies, with any costs incurred in 2020/21 to be managed across budgets within the Transport service.


Reason:     To be aware of the cost implications.


                   (iv)    That approval be given to carry out procurement to engage contractors to supply, install and maintain the Scheme (this being the permanent hostile vehicle mitigation measures), and that authority be delegated to the Corporate Director of Economy & Place, in consultation with the Director of Governance, to take such steps as are necessary to both award and enter into the resulting contracts.


Reason:     To enable the delivery of the scheme of permanent measures for city centre security.


                   (v)     That officers be instructed to liaise with Make it York to ensure that their planning for the Christmas 2020 event is started early and considers the access requirements of the Shambles Market.


Reason:     To ensure that the planning and details fo rrunning the event are confirmed and accepted by the Safety Action Group in a timely manner, and that any impacts are mitigated.


                   (vi)    That officers be requested to report back to the Executive Member for Transport in due course, presenting an update to include a summary of the operational protocols and procedures.


Reason:     To enable the Executive Member for Transport to understand the procedures involved in managing the scheme.


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