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Interpretation of the law – ‘Out of town’ licences

27/09/2019 - Interpretation of the Law – ‘Out of Town’ Licences

Resolved:  (i)      That Option 1 be approved, and the legal position outlined in paragraph 3 of the report be confirmed, with no changes required to the Taxi Licensing Policy.


Reason:     To provide clarity for the public in relation to the council’s interpretation of the law, and to avoid an increase in the risk of a major impact on the service, which could cost over 10% of the Public Protection budget.


                   (ii)      That, endorsing the recommendations of the Licensing & Regulatory Committee, officers should explore potential options to improve enforcement actions across the city, particularly in relation to poor practice by private hire vehicles; for example, improving enforcement against such vehicles parking in hackney carriage taxi ranks or in restricted areas.


Reason:     To address concerns raised about the behaviour of some operators.


                   (iii)     That it be noted that this is an issue faced by many authorities across the country and, noting specifically Medway Council’s decision to secure additional legal advice on this matter, support be given pending consideration of this to working with a number of local authorities, and the Local Government Association, to ensure that the council’s position is kept under review and reflects the most up to date situation.


Reason:     To ensure confidence in the council’s legal position on taxi licensing issues.


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