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Surface Water Flood Event Investigation – 23 August 2018

12/03/2019 - York 13 August 2018 Section 19 Surface Water Flood Event Investigation

Resolved:  (i)      That the report at Annex 1 be noted and the key recommendations, as summarised below, be supported:


a)   City of York Council (CYC) to work with all partners to develop an increased understanding of flood resilience through the update of the Local Flood Risk Strategy and the communications around the York Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS).


b)   CYC to support the findings of the ongoing gulley management review.


c)   CYC to raise awareness of surface water management techniques with planning partners and internal highways design teams.


d)   CYC Flood Risk Management team to prepare a report for the Executive recommending the need to develop and fund a network of digital rain gauges in the city.


e)   All ongoing investigations and works detailed in the report to be completed.


f)    CYC to take a lead to ensure the ownership, management, operation and maintenance of Westfield Beck Pumping Station is clarified, as this played an important role during the event.


(ii)      That a report on any outstanding issues from this event be brought to the Decision Session with the next quarterly Flood Plan report, with the emphasis on those areas where internal flooding took place.


Reason:     In order to respond appropriately to the effects of this event, resolve the issues that arose and provide increased understanding and awareness of the risk of surface water flooding across York communities.


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