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Issue - decisions

Consideration of objections and comments received to an advertised proposal to amend the parking amenity within the R33 Residents’ Priority Parking Zone

21/12/2018 - R33 Residents' Priority Parking: Proposed Amendment to the Traffic Regulation Order, consideration of objections received

Resolved: That option three be approved:


(i)      To implement, as advertised, the removal of the Bert Keech Bowling Green development from the R33 Residents’ Priority Parking Zone.


(ii)      To implement the revocation of Guest House Parking and Household Parking to be replaced with No Waiting at any Time on Sycamore Place to provide vehicle access to new property.


(iii)     To uphold the objections and take no further action on the rest of the proposal as advertised.


(iv)    To advertise an alternative proposal for the revocation of 6m of no waiting at any times restrictions on Longfield Terrace and replace with an R33 GM space for the use of Guest House parking only (as detailed in Annex D to the report)


Reason: To progress the majority views of the residents.



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