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City of York’s Arboricultural Policy for the Management of the Public Trees and Woodland.

24/06/2016 - Review of Arboricultural Management of Council Trees

Resolved: That the policy for the management of the Council’s public trees be agreed subject to the following  amendments;



Tree Removal and Pruning

·        Policy Statement 6: The removal of the word retain so that it reads-To increase light levels or change the view in or out of a private property.


·        Clarification of Policy Statement 16 (Funding of Tree Work by Third Parties) to define the nature of the work and outline under what circumstances it should be approved.


Reason: (i) To ensure that the Council’s duty of care toward tree management and protection remains consistent and transparent and that resources are used to the best effect.


   (ii)    To give a better understanding of tree management practices in York


 (iii) To protect valuable trees from unnecessary damage, inappropriate work or removal.







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