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Amend the Temporary Accommodation Agreement and the Travellers Site Agreement

20/06/2016 - Proposed Changes to the Traveller Pitch Agreement

Resolved: That Option 1 be approved, to consult the travellers who live on the City of York Council sites or who are on the waiting list on the following changes;


·          The introduction of flexible tenancy start dates.

·          Insert a section regarding Non payment of rent.

·          To add a paragraph with regards to the keeping of dogs on the travellers pitch in particular naming the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976

·          To add several minor changes to strengthen the Travellers Pitch agreement, these are listed on Annex 1 numbers 3.18 to 6.


Reason: To ensure consistency, as far as is practicable, across the different agreements that are issued in housing services.






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