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Business Friendly Council

03/12/2015 - Business Friendly Council

Resolved:       That the Executive Member noted the work being undertaken to become a Business Friendly Council as outlined in the report as follows:



·        We undertake work within the council to understand the issues identified by the survey and what we should do to address these. We will look at this in comparison to other surveys conducted for the relevant service areas. For example, planning colleagues have indicated that satisfaction of their service and response times perform well compared to regional comparators


·        Work with businesses at all levels to understand how we can improve on our performance. We already plan to meet the Chambers of Commerce Executive Committee to discuss these issues. We will look to arrange sessions with other members of the business community on this topic.


·        Work with the business community to develop performance metrics to ensure that we have a target to aim for and measure progress against. For example, we could have a target that the experience of businesses is good or better in all areas. 


·        Develop guidance for all consultations that involve businesses: Given it was clear that this area was identified as weak for the council and there is currently no one approach for consulting businesses, we will look to work with businesses to develop a process for consultations that better meets their needs.



Reason:              To ensure the administration meets its commitment to become a Business Friendly Council



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