Issue - decisions

Council Tax Support Review

29/10/2015 - Council Tax Support Scheme Review



Resolved:  That the Executive approve:



(i)           Option 3 to put the Council Tax Support Scheme out to a shortened consultation process to fit in with the 31 January 2016 deadline, in advance of the respective budget setting processes. 


(ii)          The following changes to the Council’s calendar of meetings, in order to allow a decision to be taken by Full Council on any changes to the Council Tax Scheme:


·        Executive on17 December 2015 – bring forward to 15 December 2015

·        Full Council on10 December 2015 - move to 17 December 2015


(iii)        The detail of the scheme changes for consultation, to be developed by the Director of Customer & Business Support Services in consultation with the Portfolio Holders.


Reason:     To ensure members are fully informed of the options and implications of decisions made in light of this review of the CTS.


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