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Highway Asset Management Report

24/09/2015 - Highway Asset Management Report

Resolved:  That the Executive agree to:

(i)           Note the review and update of the existing CYC strategy, policy and service delivery methods relating to highway maintenance in this paper and accept them as a sound basis for developing an evidence led programme. The policy will be updated biannually and any changes will be brought before the Executive Member. Any significant changes will be brought before the Executive.

(ii)          Confirm that the annual programme of maintenance works will be developed via the following process:

(iii)        An evidence led list of schemes being generated in accordance with Policy for approval by the Director for City and Environmental Services

(iv)   Members allocating a budget for highways maintenance in the annual budget process and identify local schemes as part of the Ward Highways Programme

(iv)        The final programme of affordable schemes being generated and approved by the Director of City and Environmental Services and ratified by the Executive

(v)         Note and support the work of the council with its partners in the Yorkshire Alliance to deliver shared approaches and efficiencies

(vi)        Note and agree the Streetlighting Policy document at Annex 1 of the report.

Reason:     To ensure delivery of highway maintenance services in an efficient and cost effective manner.



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