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Promoting Recycling

24/11/2015 - Promoting Recycling in York

Resolved:  That the following areas be investigated to increase reuse and recycling so that officers can bring back a costed action plan to the Executive Member for Environment:


(i)   Increasing Recycling in Low Performing Areas

·        That monitoring work be undertaken as proposed in Paragraph 8 of the report.

·        That an action plan including recycling statistics be considered by the Executive Member on a monthly basis.

·        That a Communal Sites programme of interventions be identified and costed.

·        That a special email and postal address to allow residents to submit suggestions to promote recycling and address barriers and problems be established. That suggestions received be placed on the website as part of the workplan.

·         That notice boards around the city be utilised to advertise and promote recycling.


(ii)   Campaigns

·        That a costed and monitored campaign be created and to utilise partner organisations knowledge and views in additional campaign strategies.    


(iii)   Reuse Opportunities

·        That a report to further assess the potential viability and options for a re-use centre be brought to the Executive Member in 2016.

·        That a list of partners who have/will be included in consultation be compiled.


(iv)  Expanding Kerbside Recycling – Mixed Plastics

·        That officers continued to monitor the market and consult with Yorwaste and Friends of St Nicholas Fields (St Nicks) to inform any future decision on the practicality of pursuing a mixed plastic collection.


(v)   Garden Waste Collections

·        That a review be undertaken in line with paragraph 34 of the report and properties be added where viable, following consultation with residents, St Nicks and the Street Based Services Board.

·        That consultation be undertaken with ward committees about the options available to them to use their ward funding for these purposes.


(vi)    Household Waste Recycling Centre Permits

·        That options be developed and presented in the budget consultation process.


(vii)   Waste Presentation – Bags to Bins

·        That following consultation a detailed proposal be brought back to the Executive Member highlighting the priority properties that could receive a wheeled bin.

·        That a clear process be identified for residents or ward members to follow should a request be received to move to wheeled bins.


(viii)   Bring Sites

·        That on completion of the bring bank review a report with an action plan be brought back to the Executive Member.


(ix)  Co-mingling of Recycling

·        That co-mingling should not be pursued at this time.


(x)   Replacement Vehicle Options

·        That a business case for replacement of the FAME vehicles be progressed through the Council’s Capital Resource Allocation (CRAM) process, including consideration of alternative fuel arrangements.


Reason: To increase recycling in York


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