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Issue - decisions

Q1 Finance Monitor 2014/15

09/09/2014 - 2014/15 Finance Monitor 1

Resolved:  That Cabinet agree to:


(i)           Note the current financial position of the Council, as set out in the report;


(ii)          Allocate £600k of contingency to meet pressures in Health & Wellbeing, as set out at paragraph 23 of the report;



(iii)        Invest £40k in the municipal bonds agency, as set out at paragraphs 31 and 32 of the report;


(iv)        The virement of internal payments made between Health & Wellbeing and CANS as set out at paragraph 15 of the report;


(v)         Donate £10k of the strike savings to support the work of food banks and the remaining saving to Health & Wellbeing, as set out at paragraph 29 of the report;



(vi)        A travellers rent increase, as set out in paragraphs16 to 18 of the report.


Reason:     To ensure expenditure is kept within the approved budget.



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