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Draft Framework for York Low Emission Strategy

15/03/2011 - Draft Framework for York Low Emission Strategy

RESOLVED: (i)         That the consequences of European legislation, which has had the unintended consequence of increasing nitrogen oxide emissions due to a greater emphasis on reducing carbon emissions, be noted and that Officers be requested to write to York’s MEPs to request their help in changing this situation for the benefit of air quality in York.


REASON:      To help bring about further improvements to the City’s air quality.


(ii) That the outline framework, vision, objectives and proposed LES measures detailed in paragraphs 14 to 18 of, and Annex D to, the report be approved, and that Officers be permitted to proceed directly to the development of a draft consultation LES.


REASON:      To enable the draft consultation LES to be drawn up in line with the timetable set out by the LESP RGi, to allow LES measures to be incorporated adequately into LTP3 and AQAP3 and to maximise the chances of York attracting low emission vehicles, technologies and jobs to the City.


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