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Update on Reablement Service

15/03/2011 - Update on Reablement Service

RESOLVED: (i)         That the following be noted:

a)     The need, with an ageing population, to increase the amount of provision for the Reablement Service.

b)     The work that has been undertaken to reduce costs and improve the percentage of contact time within the existing service, but that this will not deliver the efficiencies necessary to increase the provision of care.

c)      That ‘mutuals’ and ‘social enterprise’ organisations would be able to compete through the tendering process as much as independent providers.

d)     That staff in the current in-house service have the opportunity to tender to become a mutual or social enterprise company at the tender stage, and that this could include an option for a Local Authority Traded Company.


REASON:      To set in context the Executive’s decisions in respect of the service.


                        (ii)        That approval be given for City of York Council to progress the purchase of its ongoing expanded Reablement service from external providers, and at the same time for staff in the existing service to be offered the option of dismissal for business reasons in addition to TUPE.


REASON:      To ensure that the Council is able to deliver an increased level of reablement services, which will match changing demographic needs within the City.


                        (iii)       That Officers ensure that information is given to the relevant interested staff regarding the establishment of ‘mutuals’, ‘social enterprise’ organisations, or a Local Authority Traded Company for the tendering process.


REASON:      To enable staff to take advantage of these opportunities should they so wish.


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