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City of York Local Transport Plan 3 - Draft 'Full' LTP3

01/02/2011 - City of York Local Transport Plan 3 - 'Summarised Draft' LTP3

RESOLVED:             That the Executive Member for City Strategy agrees to:


i)                    Note the contents of the report.


ii)                  Agrees, in principle, the suggested amendments to the summarised Draft Full LTP3 document tabled at the meeting (copy annexed to these minutes).


iii)                Requests officers to include within the draft, when it is forwarded to the Executive, additional options which seek to address the comments contained in the written representations which have been received (i.e. sub urban parking issues, the acceleration of the introduction of low emission public transport, improved journey time information both at bus stops and ‘on board’ buses, the early phasing of improvements to the northern by pass, changes to the role of at least part of the inner ring road, the creation of additional city centre public transport only corridors and the possible review of parking policies, with complementary measures to encourage greater use of more sustainable forms of transport at out of city centre retail/leisure centres).


REASON:                  To approve the required changes to the strategy and action plan to be incorporated within the full LTP3 for publication by the end of March 2011.


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