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Six Monthly Speed Review

04/01/2011 - Six Monthly Review of Speeding Issues

RESOLVED:             That the Executive Member for City Strategy agrees to:


i)             Support the continuation of a partnership approach to dealing with speed complaints, which results in, a wider, more in depth process to tackle speed issues in York (Speed Review Process, Option 1 of the report).


ii) Note, that from January 2011 North Yorkshire Police (NYP) will no longer regard the Speed Review Process as a “pilot” in the York and Selby areas.


iii) Note that North Yorkshire Police have given notice to CYC that there will be a managed withdraw from the administration and management role they currently perform within the Speed Review Process, resulting in an increased work load within CYC, if the same level of service is to be provided. 


iv)                      Note that NYP intend to only undertake action at community speed concern sites, once they have been analysed via the Partnership Speed Review Process.


v)                        Request, in the light of (iv) above, that copies of the speed assessment results be made available to the local Capable Guardian teams, via the Council’s Neighbourhood Management Unit, and that the Chief Constable be urged to fully involve local Neighbourhood Policing Teams in addressing residents concerns about excessive vehicle speed.


vi)Note that new sites recommended for feasibility reviews by Engineering Services on the 6 July 2010 and in this current report will not be assessed in detail until further capital funding is available. As and when capital funding is available, locations will be prioritised by one or all of the following criteria:

·        Accident data

·        Mean and 85th percentile speeds

·        Proximity to schools and shops.


vii)Note the petition from New Lane, Huntington, and that it has been investigated under the review process, with a recommendation to improve the “gateway” to the 30 limit.  The work is due to be carried out from this years (2010/11) Capital budget.


viii)            Note the petition from Moorlands Road, Skelton, and that it has been investigated under the review process, and that it will go forward to the Engineering team for assessment of cost effective speed reduction measures, as and when capital funding becomes available.


ix)                Request officers to discuss with the originators of the 5 written representations received on the report, ways in which their concerns can be addressed and any necessary action expedited.


REASON:To advise the Executive Member of the current status of the speed review process and provide an update on individual petitions and speed complaints.


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