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Response to DfT Consultation 'Reforming Rail Franchising'

05/10/2010 - Reforming Rail Franchising - DfT consultation paper and implications for York

RESOLVED: That the proposed response to the consultation paper set out in Annex B to the report be approved, subject to the comments being strengthened to include the following issues:

a)                 improved carriage facilities for bicycles;

b)                 action to deal with overcrowding issues on key commuter routes and recognising the reduction in rolling stock for Northern Rail;

c)                  the need for an engagement process involving City Regions and LTAs to ensure that non-PTE areas are involved in the franchising process.


REASON:      To ensure that the Council takes this opportunity to share its views on rail franchising with the Department of Transport, and to ensure that the response reflects Members’ concerns.


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