Issue - decisions

Development Management - Planning and Development Advice

30/11/2010 - Development Management Pre-application Advice Service

RESOLVED: (i)         That Option B be endorsed and that the proposals to introduce the Development Management approach, with charging for the provision of pre-application advice in relation to planning and associated applications, be approved.


REASON:      So that Officers can prepare for the implementation of an improved, customer-orientated approach to the provision of discretionary planning advice.


                        (ii)        That the fees and charges outlined in Annex 2 to the report be approved for implementation from 1 January 2011.


REASON:      So that the continued provision of an enhanced pre-application service can be assured.


                        (iii)       That Officers prepare and publish details of guidelines / protocols explaining the nature and operation of the service and that these be publicised before the new arrangements are implemented.


REASON:      So that developers and agents are aware of the reasons for the introduction of the new service arrangements and understand in advance of implementation how they will operate.

                        (iv)       That a review of the service and arrangements for it be undertaken, with a report to be brought to Executive in January 2012.


REASON:      So that the Executive may be advised of the impact of the proposals and consider any revisions to them as may be deemed necessary.


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