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Issue - decisions

Second Performance and Financial Monitor 2010

16/11/2010 - Second Performance and Financial Monitor 2010

RESOLVED: (i)         That the performance issues identified in the report be noted.


REASON:      So that corrective action can be taken on these issues by Members and directorates.


                        (ii)        That the finance issues identified in the report be noted and that the use of the strategy designed to reduced the current forecasted pressures be approved.


REASON:      So that the Council’s expenditure can be contained within budget, where possible, by the end of the financial year.


                        (iii)       That a non-recurring release from Contingency of £400k be approved to support services currently suffering the effects of the economic downturn, in accordance with Financial Regulations and with reference to paragraph 41 of the report.


REASON:      To ensure that the City Strategy budget is sufficiently funded.


                        (iv)       That the proposal to amend car parking charges, as set out in Annex 1 to the report, be approved, and that the St Leonards Place car park be designated as short stay with effect from January 2011.


REASON:      To ensure that the increase in VAT rate does not have a negative impact on Council revenue.


                        (v)        That Officers report to the next Executive meeting on the implications of the pending increase in VAT for the Council’s budget, together with suggested remedial measures.


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